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A small family-owned Winery in Vatolakkos still follows the traditional ways of growing their grapes and producing the wine. The grape fields are taken care of with the respect towards the nature and the grapes are even today picked up with hand work.

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The roots of wine production are very deep in Crete. The Cretan soil together with sun and the right temperature creates the unique taste for Cretan wines. Wine has always been an important part of Crete and nowadays the more developed wine producing methods have raised the quality and respect of the Cretan wines among the wine lovers.

Follow up an interesting tour at a winery and learn how they produce their wines. Wine tasting will get you familiar with five different wines and is paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt. Afterwards relax with  full meal at the winery area consisting Cretan salad, local pies, stuffed vine leaves, giouvetsi and delicious traditional dessert. Please notice that the menu changes depending on the season to ensure the highest quality.

From EUR 35

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A tour at the winery

Presentation and explanation of the wine making process

A tasting of  5 different wines paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt

A  full meal  consisting of Cretan specialties  specially paired with wines as many glasses of wine you wish with your meal

A lunch consists of the following: Cretan salad, Cretan herb and cheese pie, stuffed wine leaves, Beef with orzo in the oven in a tomato sauce and yogurt with honey or home-made preserves


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Tasting of the winery products

Full meal with authentic countryside atmosphere



If you need  a transportation to Manousakis winery, we are happy to arrange you taxi transportation with our local co-operator!


Cancellation Policy:

Reservations must be made no later 48 hours prior to departure. Any cancellation must be made 48 hours prior trip. In case of late cancellations, no refund will be made.

If a trip is cancelled due to insufficient participants or adverse weather conditions, we will refund 100% of made payments.

Important! In case of any changes in the excursion program Destination Platanias will send you a sms. Please make sure your phone is on and charged.


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