Anniversaries, Birthdays



In Platanias

We arrange all sorts of events and we have lots of ideas how to make your day special. If you are two persons looking for an romantic evening with that special atmosphere and fantastic food you have come to the right place. Are you a bigger group and need to organize a special evening or some day trips to see the island or even arranging different activities depending on age and preferences we can assist you in arranging every little detail. Making sure everyone is happy and doing what they love.

Most of all we love what we are doing and we want to be apart of your holiday, to provide you with our service and knowledge to arrange & plan your event.


Our procedure is as following:

  1. Please contact us, preferably by mail at: informing us about what you need help with and we will answer within 24 hours.
  2. After mail contact, if needed, we set up a skype meeting for a more personal meeting. An offer will be sent to you with your needs and our service fee.
  3. If You accept our service and offer, a 50% prepayment has to be paid directly, the remaining  50% shall be paid 14 days prior event. Cancellation policy will be in agreement.
  4. A meeting will be set a few days prior event .
  5. The event will take place.

Evening for Two - from 20 EUR

This Special Evening for Two is for you who would like an evening with some extra atmosphere, food experience and memories of an evening in Platanias.  Evening for Two Let us show you one of our favorite restaurants, and feel the Cretan atmosphere with the local touch. Have an extra special dinner arranged for you by us and you will have a charming memory to bring home with you. Couldn't be more easy, pick a date and book! There you go, a wonderful memorable evening awaits you on your holidays. If there is anything you would like to add to your evening we are all ears. 

The Beautiful 40!

Having your 40’s party on Crete?  Whether you are only two persons or a big company we can arrange a wonderful evening for you.

The Fabulous 50!

Are you escaping the 50 celebrations at home? But you want to celebrate it here on Crete with your family. Let's arrange a really festive dinner in one of our finest and oldest restaurant in Platanias.

The Happy 60!

Let's make an authentic greek birthday party for you! We will book a table at a restaurant that is situated right on the beachfront of Platanias. 


Your 15th anniversary marks yet another milestone in your journey through life together. It might be overshadowed by bigger wedding anniversaries but it’s not less important!


30 years have come and gone but your love still burns brightly. Chances are the children are all grown up and you might be grandparents. The memories that you have shared are priceless.


25 years  is considered a major milestone in a marriage. Congratulations to you for being together a quarter of decade! It is a testament of your love and devotion to each other.  

The Cool 30!

Is it your 30th birthday or somebody you keep close to your heart?   Fantastic! We will help you with the celebrations.


For centuries, diamonds have been used to symbolize a couples love and a wedding tradition. Your marriage is entirely unique and after 60 years you show that this is now a diamond that lasts forever.


WOW - together 40 years! You have defied the odds and you deserve to celebrate your Ruby Anniversary. This is a great time to sit back and reflect on the time you have spent together, the accomplishments you have achieved and the happiness you have shared with each other.  

The Graceful 70!

Turning 70 is definitely something to celebrate! Many of our guest often come with their whole family for this occasion. Both children and grandchildren, we can help you arrange a memorable evening, it will be our pleasure.