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Alkaen EUR 35

Knossoksen palatsi on Kreetan suosituin arkeogologinen nähtävyys. Tutustu tunnettuun myyttiin Minoutauruksesta ja labyrintistä kulkiessasi läpi minolaiskulttuurin historian.

The first excavation of the site was conducted in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos of Herakleion. This was followed by the long-term excavations 1900-1913 and 1922-1930) of the Englishman Sir Arthur Evans, who uncovered virtually the entire palace. While walking through the palace you can admire the Frescoes, pottery and the Throne room. This great civilization was destroyed at the explosion of the volcano of Santorini island.

You will be picked up from your hotel or at one of the pick up points, the guide will fill you in with all the information about our trip. On the national road outside Rethmyno there will be a stop for 30 minutes to have breakfast.

Upon arrival at the Palace of Knossos the professional archaeologists-guide will guide you for 2 hours. The guided tour will be in English.

After the tour in Knossos you will be driven to the city center of Heraklion where you have time to visit either the archaeological museum of Heraklion or have lunch and admire the capital of Crete. You have approximately 2 hours free time. While returning there will be a 20 minute stop for a refreshment and then you will be back at Chania about 18:30 p.m


Huomioithan, että sisäänpääsymaksu Knossoksen palatsialueelle ja Iraklionin arkeologiseen museoon on 16 euroa (lapset alle 12 -vuotta 8 euroa), joka maksetaan oppaalle käteisellä retken alussa. Retken lapsihinta on 3-12 -vuotiaille

Alkaen EUR 35

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Keskikesällä Knossoksessa on usein hyvin kuuma

Musita hattu ja aurinkolasit


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  • Bussikuljetuksen
  • Opastuksen bussimatkan aikana



  • Sisäänpääsymaksua Knossoksen palatsialueelle ja Iraklionin arkeologiseen museoon 15 euroa (lapset alle 12 -vuotta 8 euroa)
  • Ruokailua & juomia



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  • Palatsialue minolaisen kulttuurin ajalta
  • Kaunis bussimatka pitkin pohjoisrannikkoa
  • Oppaana kreikkalainen ammattiopas
  • Vierailu Iraklionin kaupungissa
  • Arkeologinen museo

Cancellation Policy:

Reservations must be made no later 24 hours prior to departure. Any cancellation must be made 24 hours prior trip. In case of late cancellations, no refund will be made.

If a trip is cancelled due to insufficient participants or adverse weather conditions, we will refund 100% of made payments.

Important! In case of any changes in the excursion program Destination Platanias will send you a sms. Please make sure your phone is on and charged.


  1. Platanias (GR)
  2. Rethymnon
  3. Knossos