Auringonlaskun jeeppisafari ja viininmaistelu, 4-5 tuntia 85 EUR

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Premium Sunset Safari Tour in the Northwest side of the inland of Crete... Allow yourself to indulge in a romantic off-road route experience with the best panoramic view in a semi private tour up to 6 or 8 persons per vehicle.

Our evening tour begins from Chania city centre and tourist areas, heading towards the White Mountains through uncharted mountain routes. Our premium off-road vehicles driven by well trained escorts will help you enjoy the best panoramic sunset view of Northwest Crete from above.

Sunset Safari Tour,  4 - 5 hours

Unpaved off-road routes, wild and dense vegetation, non tourist places, unique panoramic views, ideal for sunset capture stops, combined with a wine tasting accompanied by Cretan delicacies platter, are only some of the experiences that you will gain in a 4-5 hour premium sunset safari tour.

After our off-road exploration through orange and lemon tree valleys in villages of Patelari, Varipetro, Alikianos and Vatolakos, we reach an amazing point in the heal of Vatolakkos at 700m altitude where we will have the best panoramic view of the sunset and the possibility to admire the entire city below. After experiencing the sunset, we continue our road-trip to Cretan Villages, full of amazing sights and stories until we reach Manousakis Winery where we will taste their wine.

After the tasting, we begin to reach the end of our Sunset Safari tour, driving back to our hotels full of memories, premium service and experiences, adventures and best panoramic views of Chania from above.

Retki soveltuu loistavasti niille, jotka hakevat tavallisesta poikkavia kokemuksia, nuorisoryhmille, sinkuille ja pariskunnille, perheille, joilla vanhempia lapsia sekä yrityksille. Matkan aikana pidetään opastettuja pysähdyksiä joustavasti noin 30-40 minuutin välein. 

Valitettatavasti retki ei sovellu matkapahoinvoinnista tai selkävaivoista kärsiville, raskaana oleville, liikuntaesteisille tai alle 7 -vuotiaille lapsille, yli 195cm pitkille tai yli 130kg painaville henkilöille. Alkoholijuomia tarjoillaan retken aikana ainoastaan 18 vuotta täyttäneille.

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 Hinta sisältää:​​​​

Haku ja paluu omalle hotellillesi
Erikoisvarusteltu nelivetojeeppi (5, 7 tai 9:lle hengelle), kuljettajana jokaisessa jeepissä oma kielitaitoinen ryhmänvetäjä 
Viininmaistelu ja annos kreetalaisia erikoisuuksia

 Hinta ei sisällä:

Ylimääräinen viini ja ruoka-annokset tai alkupalat


Hakuajat alkaen klo 17:15. Tarkka aika varmistetaan varauksen yhteydessä.

Vinkkejä ja hyvä muistaa:

Hyvät kengät
Hattu ja aurinkolasit


Pienryhmä, 6-8 henkeä/jeeppi
Upea auringonlaskunäkymä yli Hanian
Maastoreitti koskemattomilla alueilla


Varaus tulee tehdä 24 tuntia ennen retken alkamisajankohtaa. Ei retkipalautusta, mikäli peruutus tapahtuu alle 24 tuntia ennen retkeä.

Jos retki peruuntuu liian vähäsen osallistujamäärän tai huonon sään takia, retkimaksu palautetaan kokonaisuudessaan.

Destination Platanias ilmoittaa mahdollisista muutoksista tekstiviestitse. Varmistathan, että puhelimesi on päällä ja ladattu.

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Travelers Info: COVID-19

Being always concerned about our guests’ and staff wellbeing, having as a priority your health and safety, we remain committed to our premium standards, fully complied with all necessary measures set by the Government.

Ready to welcome you again, we act with responsibility. We stay up to date following the guidelines set by The World Health Organization and the National Public Health Organization. We know that holidays with your family and friends are very important to you, so are here to make sure you relax, enjoy and dream the way you want to.

In detail:

Before Your Tour:

We recommend that you should be at the pick-up area (your hotel or an indicated point near your hotel) 10 minutes prior to your pick up time and our escort will be on time welcome you and show your  seat, in order to keep social distancing guidelines.
Our vehicles are filled up according to governmental covid-19 law of their capacity. For the time our 9-seater vehicles can accommodate 4 guests and our 7-seater 2 guests. These limitations maybe exceeded by families travelling with children younger than 18 years old or if governmental laws and regulations against covid-19 infections change.
The temperature and wellness of all those participating in the tour ( escort, driver, staff) will be monitored daily, excluding, and maintaining in quarantine any who display fever or symptoms.

On Board:

Please follow all the instructions given to you by your guide.
Sanitizing dispensers are available at each vehicle.

During Your Tour:

All those taking running the tour and service (escort, driver etc...) will wear a mask throughout its duration.
Sealed Lunch Boxes will be given during some of our day tours and on day tours which include lunch in restaurants will be provided at restaurants that follow all the hygiene protocols.

Cleaning Standards:

Enhanced Vehicle Cleaning:

The average cleaning time is doubled both during the day and after the end of each tour.
All sensitive touch areas such as seats, armrests, sidewalls etc. are intensively cleaned and sanitized daily before and after tour.

Air Circulation On Board:

Our vehicles are equipped with A/C (and when used internal air circulation is turned to OFF) but as our safari tours are mainly operated in country side we strongly recommend the tours to be conducted with open windows for continuous fresh air circulation and to feel the freshness of the countryside.

Our People:

Our staff is trained in the latest hygiene protocols and cleaning procedures. They use personal protective equipment (face masks/shields and optional gloves) to ensure a safe travel experience for you and themselves.

Greece is well known for its long history and unique hospitality throughout the centuries.  We remain confident that our services are of high value and will provide the most memorable experience in Greece to you, family or friends. We look forward to escape the ordinary with you!


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