Cafe Cafe Platanias - COCKTAIL AND GIN BAR

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Cafe Cafe Platanias - GIN BAR

One of the bars that stand out in the centre of Platanias is Cafe Cafe - Cocktail and Gin Bar. Jannis and Fillipos welcomes you every day with their great service and especially their knowledge in their big GIN collection. You have the chance to explore 150 different kinds of GIN's from all over the world. They have managed to create a Gin book where you can in detail have all information of each 150 GIN types. An extraordinary chance to explore the world of Gin tastes with them. 
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  • Where: Platanias Square.

  • Open: Daily, from morning until late night, 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM

  • Note: More than 150 Gin's


Phone number: +30 2821 068015

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Le'ts hear out what some of our guests says:

Best bar in Crete, easily

Very hard to fault this place. Centrally located in platanias, very tasteful decor with comfortable seating and music that isn’t overbearing. Found this to be easily one of the classier bars in Crete, and although it’s a little more expensive than most, the quality is comfortably worth the extra. Cocktails generally in Crete are poor in the majority of bars but we tried many different ones here and were always impressed, felt more London quality than Crete! We ate each time we visited and the food was also on point. Had a rib eye steak that was delicious and perfectly cooked. Sushi was very good although perhaps a little dry, I think that adding a dragon roll or similar to the menu would add a little more variety. Complimentary dessert both times, not to my partners palette as she doesn’t like chocolate but I adored both.
Lastly the staff - outstanding. It’s a family run business and they could not have been friendlier, more helpful or more welcoming - worth returning if only for the level of service! Didn’t hurt that both male and female staff were easy on the eye also! My only problem, is that I told them we would be back on our last night but ended up staying at the beach too long and so didn’t make it to say goodbye to them! Awesome place and wish it was in my hometown. All the best to the team!



  1. Palea Ethniki Odos Kissamou Chanion 123, Platanias