Falassarna, one of the locals favorit destination. With its amazing sandy beaches and the crystal clear water, Falassarna is wort a visit! Join our Private Trips to Falassarna Beach, where you will have a private driver who shows you the better parts. The beaches have all got sun beds and umbrellas for rent, but you are of course aloud to spend your day at the beach for free. You can find all kinds of water sports, we recommend to try our the exciting kayaking that we offer bellow.

Falassarna is also very know by the locals for the many greenhouses with tomatos and cucumbers. With this said, we also recommend you to stop for lunch at Falassarnas traditional tavernas, where you will have the opportunity to taste their delicious tomatoes in a true Cretan Salad.

For you who like to discover some archaeology, the ancient Hellenistic Harbour is worth a visit. It is open a couple of days per week ( Tue-Fri).


Melontaa Falassarnassa

ULKOILU - 1/2 PÄIVÄ Esteetön meriseikkailu turkoosissa vesissä. Lyhyt, upea merikajakkiretki Länsi-Kreetalla. Melomme Limpetin saarelle Falasarnan rannan edustalle sekä tutustumme matalikkoon uponneeseen alukseen toisen maailmansodan ajalta.  RETKIKUVAUS Lähdemme Kissamoksesta ja ajamme 20 minuuttia retken aloituspaikalle länsirannikolle, Falassarnan vaaleanpunaiselle hiekkarannalle. Vaihtoehtoisesti voimme tavata suoraan Falassarnassa, jotta voit viettää aikaa rannalla yhteisen aktiviteettimme jälkeen. Melomme turkoosilla vesillä lahden yli pienelle Limpetin saarelle. Navigoimme matalalla riutalla saaren muotoja mukaillen. Myöhemmin palaamme pääsaarelle tutkimaan toisen maailmansodan aikana matalikolle uponnutta liittoutuneiden kuljetusalusta. Paluureitti takaisin Falassarnan rannalle kulkee laajojen meriruohoniittyjen yli. Uimatauolla hyödynnämme kajakkien istuimet ja hyppäämme siniseen veteen. Snorklausvälineiden ansiosta pääsemme tarkastelemaan tarkemmin matalia riuttoja, haaksirikkoutunutta alusta, meriruohoniittyjä ja meren elämää. Lopuksi laskeudumme takaisin Falassarnan rannalle, sen pehmeälle vaaleanpunaiselle hietikolle sekä välipalalle tamariskipuiden varjoon. Kahvilassa voi myös nauttia virvokkeita ihaillen kaunista lahdelle avautuvaa maisemaa.   Melontaa: 1-2 tuntia Kokonaisaika: 4 tuntia Melontaetäisyys: 4-8 km Vaikeustaso: sopii kaikille Huom! Melojan tulee pystyä melomaan 1-2 tuntia.

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E-bike Tour: Traditional Villages of Kissamos

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY Join Fiona and Manu at their "off-the-beaten-track" guided E-bike tour. Together with them you will discover the secluded corners of Crete, away from the crowds and near the sun, sea and natural beauty.  Details of your trip An E-bike ride to the historical villages inland of Kissamos. Good for those who love to explore traditional history on quiet roads and gentle hills. After the pick up from your accommodation, you will set off from Kissamos on quiet roads and venture inland among olive groves and gentle valleys. Together with the group you climb steadily and see the local farmed landscape. The guide direct you to the village of Rokka, the site of an old town on an impressive huge rock overlooking a gorge. Here you park the bikes and explore the alleys and site on foot. Alternatively, the ride will go through country backroads to the village of Polyrrinia. This was a strong town in antiquity, easily understood when you see its position perched on top of a commanding hill. Their we park the bikes and explore the narrow alleys and the historical ruins of aqueducts and rock cut houses. Cycling time: 2 hours (3½ hours Long tour) Distance cycling: 27Km (46 Km Long tour) Elevation gain: 560m (870m Long tour) Total time: 3 hours (5 hours Long tour) Difficulty: easy Road: 100% paved Notice! To be able to pedal gently for 2-3 hours.

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Sea Kayak along the peninsula West Cost

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. Discover the peninsula of Rodopo in West Crete on a  sit-on-top kayak. You will go exploring along one of the fingers in West Crete, to find remote coves, navigate through shallow rocks, admire the rugged landscape, be awed by the vertical cliffs, jump in to relax with a snorkel.  Details of your trip After your pick up from your accommodation the transfer takes you to Afrata or Ravdoucha, depending on the wind. From her you launch off and will be introduced of the kayak from Manu or Fiona.  You will then navigate around the shallow reef and go along the coast on Kayak sit-on-tops. An adventure on the edge between the elements, where sea, sky and land all meet. Kayaking time: 2 hours Total time: 4 hours Kayak Distance: < 10Km Difficulty: for everyone This activity is weather dependent. We have two options for starting points, on either side of the peninsula, chosen depending on the winds. Notice! You need to be able to paddle for  a couple of hours

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