MR CELLAR - Liquor Store

MR CELLAR - Liquor Store
Mr.Cellar shop is a spirit lover's dream, filled with delicious whiskies, fine spirits and luxury champagnes.

In the heart of Platanias center you can find the liquor store Mr Cellar. Here you can find a splendid and hugh sortiment of various spirits as simplest brands to the strongest and rare (jamazaki Japan whiskey, scapa scotish whiskey etc.). The varieties in drinks vodka, gin, whiskey, beer but mainly in wines are amazing. 

We recommend:
Champagne. Since 1743, Moët Impérial Brut is one of the most beloved champagnes in the world. Lively, rich and seductive, a light fruity sensation emerges, with aromatic notes of pear, peach and citrus.
Votanikon, Greek Gin, is an excellent premium distilled gin, dry with a strong Greek aroma due to the herbs used in its production.
Ciroc vodka is the first and only vodka in the world made exclusively from grapes. Produced in France and considered vodka champagne, ideal for martini.

Avantes. A pleasant surprise from the Greek distillery Avantes. A Greek Gin! Aromas of the Greek land with juniper, kritamo, myrtle blossoms and schinos predominating. Its taste is crystalline, solid, full, with intense purity in a unique marriage of fresh citrus and orange blossoms with other herbs. Long lasting aftertaste with peppery notes.

The flagship of Teeling Whiskey. A delicious mix of small batches with a very high malt content. It is quite interesting that it has matured in a barrel of rum for an additional spice.
Aberfeldy is Dewar’s flagship distillery and opened in 1898 in the Highlands. It produces only two single malts whiskey which stand out for the intensely aromatic profile of honey and flowers.
Don Julia 1942. An extremely smooth and incredibly complex tequila that has matured for at least 30 months in American oak, with notes of tropical fruits, agave, coconut and spices.
Cognac Metaxa 12 is a mature distillate, with a velvety and full flavor. Amber, with a strong aromatic character of oak wood, vanilla, dried fruits and tobacco.


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