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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday!!! Is it somebody's birthday? Let us plan and organize your birthday the way you want it. Please send us an email what you have in mind for your special event. We have a few ready suggestions… Please have a look above if any of these suits you!



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A Perfect Birthday!


Would you like to have a fully day with bungy jump adventure or to make a visit in one of our wineyards sound more attractive? And to continue to a celebration dinner at one of our favorite restaurants where we have arranged all the details to make it extra special?

We are here to listen to your ideas so they can come thrue. Send us a mail about what you have in mind and what you belive is best for you, and we will contact you back for further details and information.

Let us help you to plan your day with our knowledge and your wishes and we promise that you will have the best birthday ever!


 Do you have any questions?   Send us a mail!


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