The Fabulous 50!

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Are you escaping the 50 celebrations at home? But you want to celebrate it here on Crete with your family. Let's arrange a really festive dinner in one of our finest and oldest restaurant in Platanias.

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The Fabulos 50

Here is a one idea of how you could celebrate:

The restaurant we have picked has a beautiful atmosphere, it’s decorated in an artistic way filling the restaurant with flowers, fruit and vegetables. Their steaks are to die for and the wine list is rich. You will for sure have a food experience. We arrange a lovely table for you that awaits you with cold champagne. If you like we can decide your hole menu with all of our favourites. We just need information about allergies or something you would like to avoid and of course what you prefer!

If you have some own ideas or wishes on how you want to celebrate, we always welcome your suggestions and we will do our very best to make them happen! You might like to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers or birthday cake.


Tips & Don't forget

  • Surprise the one you love!
  • Tell us about your Likes & Dislikes
  • Inform us about Allergies



A deposit of 50% of the total amount shall be paid when the event offer has been accepted. The following 50%  will be paid 2 weeks before event takes place.

If a cancellation will be made 2 weeks before the actual event, we will refund the 50%. No refund of later cancellations. If you cancel at least 4 weeks prior the event we will refund 100% of made payments.



Do you have any questions?  Send us a mail!


Famous Restaurant

High Standard of Cretan and International Menu

Beautiful Artistic Flower Decorations

Wine List Very Rich


Planning and Organizing in Detail Your Birthday.


Food & Drinks


In one of Platanias Restaurants



  1. Platanias (GR)