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Close your eyes and simply leave the busy and bothering life far behind you. Enjoy a professional massage to restore the natural balance of your body. Take a good care of yourself and make an appointment today!
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Every person and everybody is different, this is the key. Massage, based on your needs, endows your soul, mind and body with long lasting relaxation. Newly gained inner harmony will strengthen your resistibility against pressure and fatigue.

The concurrent effect of High Professional hands easing your energy blockades and body tension will endow an unforgettable experience of wellness.

Unique massage techniques will reduce muscular tensions significantly, thus leading to an unforeseen feeling of inner wellness.

Your muscles will get smooth and agile while both your body and mind will finally enjoy new harmony and energy.

Experience matters.


Face and Head, 25 min = 25 Eur
Back - Neck - Shoulders, 35 to 40 min = 35 Eur
Feet - Legs 30 to 35 min = 30 Eur
Full Body Massage, 65 to 75 min = 55 Eur
* Better price for two persons

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Experienced professional masseur
Unique massage techniques
Long lasting relaxation
Unforgettable experience of wellness


The masseur will come to your hotel.



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