Social Cocktail Bar - Platanias

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Social Cocktail Bar - Platanias
With a view over Platanias square you can enjoy a fabulous cocktail at Social Cocktail Bar from noon to late night every day! The location makes you feel a mix of the rhythm and the atmosphere in the cosmopolitan village of Platanias. Meet Manolis with his professional team at spot, you can't miss to notice their superb service!!!
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  • Where: Platanias Square.

  • Open: Daily, from morning until late night, 09:00 AM - 05:00 AM

  • Note: Cocktails and Service

Phone number: +30 694 559 4015

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Le'ts hear out what some of our guests says:

My brother and I had a wonderful time at Social. The service was excellent and the stuff very friendly.The outfit of the waitresses with shorts was spectacular. I would highly recommend to the manager, to do this a daily outfit thing. We are definitely coming back there again!


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