Chora Jewelry and Mythos Ceramics


CHORA Jewelry & MYTHOS Ceramics

Take your very own greek "Heart" home with you after a lovely holiday in Platanias. MYTHOS Ceramic Gallery & CHORA Jewelry shop offers you absolute top quality of ceramics and greek jewellery, all handcrafted and made in Greece.


Rock, Elegant & Luxury at the same time jewelry Store! A completely different, against all that you knew until now. Representative of K.AND. JEWEL.

Gold jewelry of 9/14/18/24 karats. In the store you will find rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, crosses, foot chains, neck chains, amulets, eyes, zodiac signs, monograms, christening crosses made of gold and all at unbeatable prices! In addition, wonderful wedding rings with diamonds, shiny monoliths and jewelry with pearls, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and all kinds of semi-precious stones that will give color and vitality to your appearance.


Luxury Home Decor & accessories online Special ceramics, bronze, wood, figures, used things, paintings, and any kind of decoration.
Special works of art made of clay, porcelain, wood, bronze and various other metals are the materials of our products. Unique works, repetitive objects, table, wall objects small and large compositions, compositions unique designed just for you, children’s decorations, utensils, board games and gift items.



MYTHOS GALLERY has been operating for over 25 years with a smaller collection of jewellrys as well. This year we are proud to present our NEW shop:  CHORA JEWELRY & MYTHOS GALLERY!  Two totally new designed and renovated shops for you to vistit and explore!

A few words about jewelry and works of art:
The gold jewelry and the passion for this object started in our gallery with the difference of some years, and more specifically, our gallery opened in 1995, where it operates until today, and in 2017 the gold jewelry was added.
Since the gallery itself is famous for its special objects and the uniqueness in the art, so it could support the jewelry inside.

Its growth every year was rapid, so we decided to make some changes with it. Our website consists of works of art by the gallery and gold jewelry of the jewelry store.
So a great idea that was born and is starting to be realized step by step.


Mythos Art Gallery
Chora Jewelry


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  • Where: A few meters from the square.

  • Open: Daily, from morning until late evening.

  • Note: We carefully wrap all of your art pieces with thick plastic for a safe trip home.


  1. Chora Jewelry
  2. Mythos Art Gallery