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is here to help women highlight their natural beauty and embrace their true selves! Our vision is to create a world where women feel free to be themselves! Embrace and love their bodies smashing those stereotypes.We aim to enhance women’s lives throughout functional, comfortable, high aesthetic and top-quality materials.

To embrace their Inner Voice.

Our Inspiration comes from You

Our inspiration comes from YOU!
The woman of today that smashes any stereotype!
The woman who is absolutely in love with her body and herself. 

Each design is Unique just like YOU!


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Our Brand - We Love DRESSVØICE!

Our fundamentals:

- Democratization of Fashion

Fashion is for ALL!  It is democratic and comfortable! We take a deeper consideration of consumers' self-expression, as well as the demand and affordability.

Appreciation of Individuality

Respect and love of everyone’s individuality is a universal stance. We do not believe in stereotypes. Every woman is unique and our goal is for her to stand out in our garments. Clothes should be a mean of expression, comfort, happiness and freedom!

- Ethical and Sustainable Production

We are committed to a better planet! We are devoted to produce in consideration to humanity and the environment. To protect our limited natural resources and fight climate change.  In DRESSVØICE, we care deeply about how each product is made and its impact on the environment, and we aim to build our supply chain to support responsible production from raw materials to finished goods. 


I loved shopping in your store yesterday! Your selection of clothes is just awesome & unique and totally aligns with my style - THANK YOU for an awesome first time shopping experience in Greece because it totally made my day in Platanias! Definitely will be back. Lisa Caroline

My favourite boutique in Platanias. Very fashionable, unique clothes and fantastic service. I will be back. Especially Efi and Maria, thank you! Marja Kauppinen-Rönni

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Our Philosophy

Our Fabrics
Our Brand
Our Vision


DRESSVØICE was envisioned by its creators, as a brand focused on today's woman who seeks ways to express her inner voice; Dressvoice is inspired from women who are liberated from stereotypes and criticism.

Since 2009, a lot has happened.  While staying true to our vision, every year we present a complete fashion collection for our muse, the modern woman, the woman of today. Our network of specialized partners sews every collection based on unique specifications. The production house runs a quality control, checks, review and selects the finest quality materials that highlight the design lines, grant style and a luxury sensation to our garments.

We established women's experiences stores! Any visit to our physical stores is an absolute shopping experience. Personal shopping consultants, make-up artists, the sitting area and the modern design, the music and the happy smiles of the people, cause the cheerful atmosphere each of our guest gets to experience.

We don't meet customers, but fellow travelers on a journey through fashion towards freedom! 

Here at DRESSVØICE, providing unique experiences is a journey to a single destination. YOU!


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