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Make sure you visit our famous Samaria Gorge. If you are tired of walking but want photos for you Insta-followers, If you do not feel like walking today but want to admire the terrific natural environment, If you want to live a superior experience without getting tired, then this excursion is made for you! We will arrive around 7 o’clock in the morning and after a breakfast you will have the chance to photo-shoot the entrance of the gorge and admire the creation of the nature. The hiking escort will give you all necessary instructions and then he will enter the gorge with the rest of the group (you will meet again at Agia Roumeli).


The driver will take you to the small village of Sougia where you embark on the boat to reach the village of Agia Roumeli which is the exit of the gorge of Samaria. You can walk until the exit of the gorge, to the “Iron Gates” or swim and have a lunch there until you meet with the rest of the group.

The gorge of Samaria is the biggest, most imposing and beautiful gorge in Greece and 2nd in Europe, and that is why it is internationally renown and mostly visited, since more than 300.000 people cross it each year. It has a wonderful landscape with rare geo-morphological formations. It is a unique biotope with particular richness in fauna and flora. It has a rich mythology as well, that goes back to pre- historical years and a tumultuous history during the difficult years of Crete. Samaria Gorge was proclaimed National Park of the White Mountains of Crete in 1962 when a couple of local families were still living in the village of Samaria, in the middle of the gorge and who were mainly busy with cattle-breeding and woodcutting. The surface covered at the time was 48.500 sqm., whereas the expansion of the Park today at 250.000 sqm. includes a remarkable part of the White Mountains.
The main fauna species is the world-famous Cretan Chamois (wild goat - CAPRA AEGAGRUS CRETICA), an extremely beautiful and dashing animal that has been preserved, is now living freely in the gorge of Samaria and in the three gorges parallel to it.
There is a total of 450 species of Cretan flora in the gorge, of which 70 are endemic, i.e. they grow in the gorge only. Among the well- known flora species, you find the perennial gigantic cypresses once used in shipbuilding and in the construction of the pillars of the Palace of Knossos by the Minoan Civilization.


Please note that the hiking escort will be with you until Omalos Plateau. You will meet again at Agia Roumeli with the rest of the Samaria Gorge group.

Please note that Boat Ticket is not included and is paid on the spot in cash.
Children ticket is from 3 y/o-11,99 y/o.

Indicative Time-Table:

05:20-06:10 Pick up
07:30 Short stop at Omalos (1.200 m) – free time forbreakfast and to take some pictures
08:00 Departure from Omalos to Sougia
09:00 Departure from Sougia to Agia Roumeli by boat
10:00 Arrival at Agia Roumeli walk into the gorge up to the Iron Gates (optional with fee – not included)
Free time to eat & drink and to swim.
16:30 Meet your guide at Agia Roumeli and get the ferry-boat tickets to Sougia.
17:00-17:30 Departure from Agia Roumeli to Sougia
18:30 Arrival to Sougia
20:00 - 20:30 Arrival at your Hotel


Inquire Booking

Hintaan sisältyy:

Opastus. Partly with guide. Guide to Omalos and then home from Sougia

Hintaan ei sisälly:

Sisäänpääsy Samarian rotkoon (5 euroa/henkilö, alle 15-vuotiaat ilmaiseksi)
Laivalippu (15 euroa/henkilö, 11,99 -vuotiaat 11 euroa)
Ruoka & juomat

Pick Up time:

Pick up time and location is at ticket. 

In case of delay, call +30 28210 27746

Vinkkejä & hyvä tietää

Hyvät kengät erittäin tärkeät

Hattu ja aurinkolasit



Välipalaa ja juomapullo



A easy visit to The Gorge of Samaria Longest in Europe at 18km 

Width Ranges from Between 150m to 3m at its Narrowest Point

Sun and bath in the crustal waters of Agia Roumeli

The Famous Sideroportes, or Iron Doors

Fauna and Flora of Crete


Varaus tulee tehdä 24 tuntia ennen retken alkamisajankohtaa. Ei retkipalautusta, mikäli peruutus tapahtuu alle 24 tuntia ennen retkeä.

Jos retki peruuntuu liian vähäsen osallistujamäärän tai huonon sään takia, retkimaksu palautetaan kokonaisuudessaan.

Destination Platanias ilmoittaa mahdollisista muutoksista tekstiviestitse. Varmistathan, että puhelimesi on päällä ja ladattu.

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  1. Platanias (GR)
  2. Omalos
  3. Boat to Sougia
  4. Agia Roumeli
  5. Samaria
  6. Agia Roumeli
  7. Sougia
  8. Platanias, Chania