Tietoa Plataniaksesta


Plataniaksesta löytyy kaikki onnistuneen lomasi perusaineet. Tämä pitkulainen kylä tarjoaa monipuolisia vaihtoehtoja; kaunista luontoa, vilkasta iltaelämää, tavernoita ja ravintoloita, kilometreittäin hiekkarantaa sekä erilaisia aktiviteettejä kaikenikäisille. Olet varmasti tehnyt hyvän valinnan varatessasi Plataniaksen lomakohteeksesi. Lue lisää mitä kaikkea Plataniaksessa voi nähdä, tehdä ja kokea - yllätyt taatusti.
Plataniaksen kylä on erityisen ylpeä yläkylän sotamuseostaan, joka sijaitsee tunnelimuodostelmissa kylän pääkirkon Agios Dimitriksen alla. Museo on ehdottomasti vierailun arvoinen. Kirkon pihalta puolestaan avautuu uskomaton näköala yli Hanian alueen. Kulje yläkylän kapeita kujia, jotka pujottelevat pienten vanhojen talojen välissä ja aisti pienen perinteisen kreetalaiskylän viehättävää tunnelmaa.
Alakylässä elämä onkin aivan toisenlaista. Rantatien varrella meno on nopeatempoisempaa ja uudenaikaisempaa. Täältä löydät myös kaiken tarvitsemasi. Platanias ei ole itse asiassa kovin suuri, mutta tarjoaa useimpia tarvitsemiasi palveluita sekä valinnanvaraa niin ravintoloissa, kahviloissa kuin baareissakin. Platanias on ehdottomasti läntisen Kreetan matkailun sydän. Monet lomalaiset vierailevat lomansa aikana Plataniaksessa, vaikka olisivatkin majoittuneina aivan muualla. Kylä tarjoaa myös monia peruspalveluita kuten lääkäri-, hammaslääkäri-, pankki-, posti-, optikko-, kampaamo-, kauneushoitola- ja tatuointipalveluita sekä paljon muuta. Platanias on länsirannikon pieni "pääkaupunki"!


kylään tutustuminen


On the way up

On your way to the old village you have an opportunity to pass by the old Carob tree which grows right in the middle of the road. This well known landmark has been used for years as a notice-board of local events as well as the obituary notices .

A century ago most of the population lived in the upper village. The small square in front of the Agios Dimitris church was the center of the village where people used to get together for the special events and celebrations.  There were an oil factory,  a few coffee houses “kafenions”  where men used to relax after work and also a small store for everyday needs.

Nowadays you will still find a very traditional Cretan atmosphere walking along the narrow roads. Don’t forget to admire the panoramic view over the sea from the church or from one of the restaurants which are open during the summer evenings.




The war shelter was constructed by the German troops in 1942 on Platanias hill, below the Church of Agios Dimitris. It consists of an underground complex of booths and tunnels that was used to store ammunition and military material during the World War II. In recent years the shelter is preserved as a historical monument in memory of the Cretan Resistance against of Nazi Occupation (1941-1945).

Most likely you will meet Kyriakos, a local man, who will guide you and tell you all about how the Germans occupied Platanias and Crete. Learn interesting information and amazing stories! The war shelters are usually open daily in the mornings and in the evenings. If Kyriakos is not there, you will find his phone number hanging at the entrance. Just give him a call and he will show up as soon as possible.

  • Children friendly
  • Open daily 10-12 and 18-20
  • Entrance fee: 2 €


Agios Dimitrios

The main church is named after the Saint Dimitris and is located in the upper village. The orthodox service is usually on every Sunday starting at 8am with Papa (the priest) Dimitrios. Nowadays the doors are locked other times but you are welcome to peak in whenever the doors are open. Just remember to be dressed up properly!

Behind of the church is a small cemetery and under the church you will find an old war shelter which has been renovated as an interesting war museum. 

A small Virgin Mary’s church is located next to the preschool and the football field of Platanias, close to the beach. The special ceremony of Virgin Mary’s day is collecting the locals together here to celebrate the biggest event of the Greek summer in August.

On the way to Drakiana you will find many small chapels which are kept closed except during each chappels name day when the special ceremony will be hold. After the ceremony everybody is welcome to join the local “fiesta” called panijiri.





When you look at the amazing view from the upper village of Platanias, you will understand why it was worth walking up these 500 meters in the summer heat! The view really takes your breath away. From some points of the peak you will see all the way from the Akrotiri until the Kolimbari village. Choose one of the restaurants on the hill and enjoy a lovely meal with this view. We can truly recommend it!





The old part

When you have manage to arrive up at the square of the old village of Platanias, take to the left and follow the narrow small roads that lead you through the older parts. This was the village in the beginning of the century and people had donkeys as an helping hand to climb up the hill every day with the daily products they collected from the fields. Read more history of the village bellow. Today many people still live here, there are some luxury villas, a few traditional houses and some of the buildings are almost falling apart. Amongst the houses you can also find restaurants with the most amazing view.





We continue to introduce


Take a hike!

If you just steer away from the main street in Platanias and head for the mountains you will discover Platanias beautiful nature. A walk in the nature is really to recommend! For sure you will meet some of the local farmers and very often their hospitality is shown and they will give you and orange or two...

Riding a bike is also a lovely way to spend your holiday. With the sun in your face whilst enjoying all the beautiful surroundings. Discovering the villages around you and the possibility of stopping and having a swim where ever you like along the coast. If you are interested in going on a guided bike tour we cooperate with a local company that have some fantastic routes to select from. 



From our square, to the east and west we have

The Main Street of Platanias Village - The Center!


More than 300 shops, restaurants and hotels!

Visit Platanias main street for its large selection of shops, restaurants and accommodation options. After Chania Platanias has become the most visited village for guests looking for amusements as shopping, good food and hotels which all offer the famous hospitality of Platanias. The village is full of life especially during the summer months and here you have everything you need for all ages. If you are looking for nightlife, this is the place where you can dance until early morning.


feel the real connection

It is amazing how the owners recognize the yearly returning guests. This must be one of the reasons so many love to return – to feel the real connection with the locals. Check out our small Greek lesson, if you can say a few Greek words there’s no doubt you will fast get new friends in the village!



What to do?    What to see?   For kids?    Good to know!   



Kylän keskusaukion infokioskissa palvelevat erittäin palveluhenkiset virkailijat, jotka vastaavat mielellään kysymyksiisi koskien Plataniasta ja  Haniaa lähialueineen. Markella tiiminsä kanssa päivystää infopisteessä päivittäin aikaisesta aamusta aina ilta myöhään asti. Voit ostaa kioskista myös lippuja paikallisbusseihin.

  • Avoinna päivittäin
  • Palveluita kaikille



There are two bank offices and several ATM’s along the main road. Both of the banks are located by the main road as well, Alpha Bank on the east side and Chania Bank on the west side of the Platanias square.

  • Open daily from 08.00 - 14.00




The dentist Dr. Eva Papadimitriou is located by the main road approx. 200m from the center of the Platanias to the east. Opening hours and more information: We also have a Swedish dentist in Chania, Dr Valentina with many years experience and who is educated at the Karolinska Institutet.

  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily
  • Platanias Dentist phone number: +30 28210 60095. Chania Dentist phone number: +30 28210 74315


Post office

Post office is located next to the Alpha bank, by the main road and on the east side of the central square.

  • Open daily, Monday to Friday 8:00-14:00




Just beside our Post Office and Alpha Bank is Platanias Optician who can help you with any eye matters. Another important service in our village. 


  • Open daily 09.00-13.00 Mon - Sat, 18.00-21.00 Tue, Thur and Fri
  • For adults and children
  • Phone number: +30 2821 084985




Most of the supermarkets are located by the main road. Besides the local supermarket SYNKA by the Platanias square, you will find several small private supermarkets which are open every day from the morning until late night during the summer season.

  • Open daily 08.00 - 24.00




Is situated in the middle of Platanias and is the connecting piont for the villagers. Here gather villagers of all ages discussing politics, fotball and expressing their own opinion in all matters. All greeks have an opinion that in their eyes is, of course, the correct one! In summer time cafe neo outside is a restaurant, but do not hesitat to enter inside where you for sure can order a greek coffe and meet the owner him self Mr Vagelis, a personality!

  • Open daily


Floral business

For simple flower bouquets we have a very traditional floral business in Platanias, just across our gas station at the square.


  • Open daily
  • Simple arrangements, for more advanced contact us!


Do Watersports

If you like a little adventure in the sea, Platanias has that for you also. Jet Ski, parasailing or why not a ride with the whole family on a sofa ride. Rent a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) and have yourself a good workout while enjoying the sea.

Jannis and his family is at the beach daily from morning until early evening to provide you with all kinds of water activities and they are very professional with many years of experience. We can recommend the paragliding.

  • Children Friendly
  • Open  daily
  • Cost: 15€ - 90€ depends of activity



We have a few different mini golf places most of them have arcade games and some other activities like for example Go karts for children, trampolines, shooting range or climbing games. We also have a children's playground filled with bouncy castles, inflatables and balance games. Some of the restaurantes have a small play area. 

  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily
  • Cost: 6€ entrance for children at bouncy castles. Other activities have various costs.



Dr. Charalampos Vittorakis private clinic is located by the main road on the west side of Platanias. Well-equipped treatment rooms are staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses. They provide safe and effective care to our patients. A team of receptionists can help you out in many languages if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Open daily 08.00-22.00
  • Emergency service 24 h
  • Cooperate with most insurance companies
  • Telephone number: +30 28210 60606, +30 6932 566 606
  • E-mail:
  • Website:



If you are in need of a pharmacy we have a very well stocked pharmacy with helpful and service minded staff. Their knowledge and experience with guests needs is excellent. You will find it 100 meters west of the central square. Look for the green cross! 

  •  09.00 - 22.00, Monday-Saturday
  • Serviceminded



Local bus stops are all on the main road. The local bus is an easy way to get to downtown Chania. One ticket costs 2,10€ and can be bought at the bus.

Use Taxi transportation for shorter distances or longer destinations for a more private and easy way to get around. To rent a car is a practical way to see and explore the western Crete more. Don’t be afraid of the traffic we will give you good tips and help you with the trustful car rentals

  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily, see bustimetabel 
  • Cost: 2.10€ to Chania


Gas Station

The Gas Station you can find at the square of Platanias. There Nikos with his family will help you in a very professional and easy way. They just come to you and ask you for what amount you want to buy gas for and then they do the rest. A service we don't find at many places in Europe anymore!

  • Open daily



There are several hairdressers and barbers in the village which are mainly located by the main road. Usually they prefer you to make an appointment before. If you need help with the booking, contact us!


  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily
  • Cost: Varey of service



Shiny Laundry  is located on a small alley behind the gas station by the central square.


  • Open daily except sundays
  • Cost: 5€ - 15€/ bag of clothes



Platanias has two bakery families, Mathioulaki and Glimidakis. Both have bakery shops close to the square with delicious Cretan bread, baguettes, croissants and cookies. 

  • Open daily 08.00 - 24.00


Masseur - Healing

You might be in need of a professional masseur. In the village we have Violetta who has many years of experience and is situated at second floor, just beside Planet Cafe.

  • Open daily
  • With appointment
  • Phone number: +30 699 873 1574


Train Tours


A good way to see and experience the area around Platanias if you don't want to rent a car. The train has many different routes during all hours of the day. A guide will come along and tell you all sorts of things. We can recomend the "Hidden Tresures" and "Seven Villages".

  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily
  • Cost: 9€ child, 19€ Adult
  • Journey Time 3 - 3,5 hours


Mini Golf


Mini golf is a very popular activity for families visiting Platanias. Therefor you can find three mini golf courses, one in the beginning of Platanias, one in the middle the village and one in the end. 

  • Open daily 09.00 - 24.00
  • Children Friendly
  • Cost: from 6€ - 8€/person


Platanias Beach & Sea

Platanias beach is one of the most popular beaches on the west side of Chania. The beach is approximately 2km long starting from the border of Agia Marina and reaching out to the Keritis river in the border of next village, Gerani. The beach is sandy and it’s not so shallow. The most shallow part is today on the east side of Platanias harbour.

Platanias beach is a public beach meaning that you are free to choose the best spot for you! You will find several small beach taverns and bars along the beach which also rent out sunbeds and umbrellas. Many of these taverns are offering also dining in the evenings. What would be more romantic place to have you dinner and admire the beautiful sun set…


During the summer months you have possibilities for different water sport activities as well. In the harbour you will meet the local fishermen or  you can join one of the daily organized small boat tours, or book here!

If you prefer more quiet atmosphere, choose the western part of the beach closer to the Keritis river. There you might also find a sea turtle nest from June to July marked by Archelon, a voluntary association protecting the sea turtles.


Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is world known, a sign that you are on a healthy and well organized beach. Platanias Beach of course obtains a Blue Flag.

The flag is considered the gold standard for beaches. The criteria are divided into four categories with a total of 33 individual targets. These main categories are:

  • Environmental Education and Information: This includes information on the Blue Flag award itself along with details on the water quality. A beach map including locations of facilities must also be displayed.
  • Water Quality: Second on the list is what most people assume the Blue Flag is all about. The most important stipulation is that no industrial, wastewater or sewage-related discharges should affect the beach.
  • Environmental Management: These criteria include the administrative side of things as well as keeping the beach clean. It also states there must be toilets available to the public.
  • Safety and Services: At the top of the list here is the beach should be patrolled by lifeguards. Other criteria include availability of drinking water and accessibility features.

“We educate to protect. To protect not just our environment but the people who live in it, the communities who depend on it, the businesses who profit from it and the ecosystems which rely on it!”

— Sophie Bachet Granados


ARCHELON Crete - Caretta Caretta

Since 1983, the primary objective of ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece has been to protect the sea turtles and their habitats in Greece through monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles. Some of their achievements:

  • ARCHELON relies heavily on voluntary work. Every year over 500 volunteers from all over the world are invited to help with the work on the nesting beaches and the Rescue Centre.
  • Every summer the major nesting areas in Greece (Zakynthos, Peloponnesus and Crete), around 75 kilometres are daily monitored.
  • Every year over 2,500 nests are protected against human threats, predation and sea inundation.
  • Every year around 300 turtles are tagged in order to monitor their movements in the sea. Recently satellite transmitters have been used.
  • Over 50 injured sea turtles are treated every year at the Rescue Centre at Glyfada (Athens).

During summer in Platanias Caretta Caretta informs where they are saving turtles, please find where at their facebook page: ARCHELON Crete

For more information, visit their homepage at: For donations, click here!

Thodorou Island

Thodorou is right across the village of Platanias, it's not allowed to set foot on the island because of the “kri kri” goats. They are protected so the island is a nature reserve. The only day you can go on the island is on 8th of june  when it’s Agios Thodorou, the islands church has it's name day. You can go to the island with boat from Platanias that has been especially organized for this day. Note that it's only in the morning time so make sure to be there early.

From the sweet little harbour of Platanias during the whole summer you will find boat excursions that leaves from there. Go for half day trip and see the island of Thodorou up an close. Snorkel around the island and see what the staff of the boat will find to show you. A perfect activity for all ages.

Veneretki Plataniaksesta - puolipäivä - 25 EUR

Lähde mukaan kapteeni Argiriksen ja hänen miehistönsä kanssa kolmen tunnin veneretkelle. Löydä Platanias mereltä käsin uinnin ja snorklauksen merkeissä...

Platanias Harbour


The village has a small picturesque harbor with traditional fishing boats, here you can see the fisherman in action if you are up bright and early. To get there take the road down towards the sea just before Alpha Bank if you are coming from the square.

If you are not a morning person come at your evening walk go out on the pier and you will get some nice photos of the coastline and get the calm and peaceful feeling that harbors often bring. From here all of our boat excursions are leaving with Captain Argiris.


Activites Close to Platanias Village:


Horse Riding

If you are a horse lover what could be more perfect then to ride during your holiday. Imagine riding on the beach and swimming with you horse. Interested? 

We cooperate with a horse riding center just half an hour away of Platanias village. There they have embraced the philosophy of natural horse training. Each horse has her/his distinct personality and one of their main goals is to approach each one of them knowing what is uniquely important to her/his personal character. Understanding this basics helps us to work more balanced, confident and safe.

The horses are their family: they live freely in nature, up in the hills of our farm and easily return to the stables to shelter from the elements and before the daily trips start.

  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily 
  • Cost: From 45€ - 130€, depends on activity




Limnoupolis- Waterpark

Chanias water park Limnoupolis is filled with water slides and other fun stuff to do in the water.

Popular activity for the children of course. It’s located a bit out of the city so you need to either take a taxi, rent a car or take the train.  


  • Children Friendly
  • Open daily from 14/5-2018
  • Cost: Adults (13-59y/o) 25.00€, Kids (4-12y/o)18.00€, Pool only 16.00€





Looking for something extreme?

We have both bungy jumping and skydiving if you a looking for a more extreme activity. It's not in Platanias village but not to far away!



Platanias History


Platanias has history from as far back as the late Minoan period, archaeological finds have been discovered, smaller artifacts but also rural villas and tholos tombs were found which shows life and development of the local area from the 13th to the 4th century BC.

Even in mythology Platanias is mentioned! First when the goddess Athena visited Crete she only drank water from a spring in Ano Platanias. Secondly when king Agamemnon was on his way home from the Trojan war he founded the city of Pergamos at the river Platanias.



During the Arab, Venetian and Turkish periodes the village was on top of the hill. During these times it was very dangerous to live close to the sea due to pirate raids. Up in Ano Platanias they had a good view if enemy ships were on their way. In 1645 Crete was conquered by the turks the 70 men who were defending the cost were stationed at the island Thodorou they all blew themselves up rather than to surrender to the turkish army.



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Map of Platanias