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HORSEBACK RIDING - Magical Kournas Lake

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. For you who love horse back riding, don't miss the opportunity to go for a ride here in Crete. We will take you around the lovely Kournas lake with its beautiful nature around and with very well trained and well looked after horses. The Horse Ranch is situated in Georgioupolis, approx 30 - 40 min ride from Chania and Platanias area. After an introduction with our professional trainers, we start our 2 hours riding on combined dirt and asphalted roads up to Kournas Lake. A spot surrounded with nature and stunning views. For sure some Cretan friends will meet up at the road...the sheeps! This is a tour for beginners with some experience and is absolutely a perfect choice to get into horse-riding. All horses are gentle, forward and well-looked after. Of course they appreciate an apple, carrot or a slice of bread as a reward! All groups are guided.

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OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY For you who love horses and always wanted to try it, don't miss this opportunity to go for a ride here in Crete. Mrs Kirsty and her professional Team will take you on the green trail thru olive groves and its beautiful nature, of course with very well trained and well looked after horses.  Details of your trip The Horse Ranch is situated in Georgioupolis, approx 30 - 40 min ride from Chania and Platanias area. After an introduction with our professional trainers, we start the 2 hours riding on  dirt  roads surrounded with nature and stunning views. For sure some Cretan friends will meet up at the road...the sheeps! This is a tour for new beginners and is absolutely a perfect choice to get into horse-riding.  No experience required. All horses are gentle, forward and well-looked after. Of course they appreciate an apple, carrot or a slice of bread as a reward! All groups are guided.  Notice: If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get 100% refund on your payment.  

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Jeeppisafari 1 - Valkeat vuoret - 85 EUR

Yhdistä ainutlaatuinen opastettu jeeppikierros Valkeiden vuorten huikeisiin näköaloihin ja perinteisiin kreetalaiskyliin. Opi saaren historiasta ja tapakulttuurista sekä kreetalaisesta paimentolaiselämästä vierailemalla aidossa paimentolaismajassa. Nauti upeasta näkymästä Hanian yli 1350m korkeudesta ja koe Kreetan villi luonto jeepin kyydissä, joita ohjaavat englantia puhuvat ammattitaitoiset kuljettajat. Jeeppisafari 1 - Τutustu Kreetan Valkeisiin vuoriin Mahtava seikkailu alkaa läpi vihreän laakson, jossa kasvaa appelsiini- ja avokadopuita sekä vihannes/taimiviljelmiä. Kiivetessämme  Valkeiden vuorten juurelta ylös ja ajaessamme läpi kreetalaiskylien, saat tuntumaa kreetalaiseen vuoristoelämään kaukana suurista lomakohteista. Pysähdymme aamukahville yhdessä näistä pienistä kylistä ja tarjoamme sinulle kreetalaisen aamukahvin tai vuoristoteetä. Seuraavaksi matka jatkuu maastoteitä pitkin kohti perinteistä paimentolaismajaa, Mitatoa. Näille maastoteille pääseekin ainoastaan nelivetojeepeillä. Matkan varrella pidämme valokuvaustaukoja tarpeen mukaan ja ihailemme henkeäsalpaavia vuoristomaisemia. Jos olemme onnekkaita, saatamme nähdä taivaalla liiteleviä kotkia tai vuorten rinteillä kiipeileviä villivuohia. Mitato sijaitsee kapean hiekkatien päässä, retkemme korkeimmalla kohdalla, 1350m korkeudella Valkeiden vuorten sydämessä. Kuulet lisää kreetalaisesta paimentolaiselämästä ja juustonvalmistuksesta sekä pääset vierailemaan aidossa paimentolaisten asumuksessa. Paluumatkalla ennen Therisson kylää avautuu retken parhaat näkymät yli Hanian. Therissossa nautimme lounasta pienessä perinteisessä perheomisteisessa tavernassa, jonka isäntäväki esittelee meille kreetalaisen keittiön herkkuja ja huolehtii vieraistaan lämpöisellä kreetalaisella vieraanvaraisuudellaan. Lounaan jälkeen ajamme läpi kauniin Therisson rotkon tien vieden meidät takaisin Haniaan.

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HORSEBACK RIDING & Swimming with horses

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY  For you who have more experience horse back riding, don't miss the opportunity to go for a ride here in the beach of Crete. We will take you to the lovely Georgioupolis with its beautiful beach and you will get an unique experience.   Details of your trip The Horse Ranch is situated in Georgioupolis, approx 30 - 40 min ride from Chania and Platanias area. A more challenging beginner's ride which is only possible when the sea is very calm. After an introduction with our professional trainers, we start our 2 ,5 to 3hours riding on combined dirt and asphalted roads down to the magical beach of Georgioupolis. Here we unsaddle our horses, getting into our swim wears and we start to swim and floating with the horses.  When the horses and we are dried up, we will head back to the ranch. All groups are guided.  Horses do not like waves, so in case of too strong wind, this excursion will be postponed. Best to book this ride for the beginning of your holidays! Try wearing your bikini under your clothes and do bring a towel along. All horses are gentle, forward and well-looked after. Of course they appreciate an apple, carrot or a slice of bread as a reward! Notice: If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get 100% refund on your payment.

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E-bike Tour: Traditional Villages of Kissamos

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY Join Fiona and Manu at their "off-the-beaten-track" guided E-bike tour. Together with them you will discover the secluded corners of Crete, away from the crowds and near the sun, sea and natural beauty.  Details of your trip An E-bike ride to the historical villages inland of Kissamos. Good for those who love to explore traditional history on quiet roads and gentle hills. After the pick up from your accommodation, you will set off from Kissamos on quiet roads and venture inland among olive groves and gentle valleys. Together with the group you climb steadily and see the local farmed landscape. The guide direct you to the village of Rokka, the site of an old town on an impressive huge rock overlooking a gorge. Here you park the bikes and explore the alleys and site on foot. Alternatively, the ride will go through country backroads to the village of Polyrrinia. This was a strong town in antiquity, easily understood when you see its position perched on top of a commanding hill. Their we park the bikes and explore the narrow alleys and the historical ruins of aqueducts and rock cut houses. Cycling time: 2 hours (3½ hours Long tour) Distance cycling: 27Km (46 Km Long tour) Elevation gain: 560m (870m Long tour) Total time: 3 hours (5 hours Long tour) Difficulty: easy Road: 100% paved Notice! To be able to pedal gently for 2-3 hours.

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E-bike Tour from Chania: Theriso Gorge

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY An E-bike guided tour discovering a gorge just outside Chania. We ride into an impressive gorge from Chania, through the rocky cliffs, the wood lined road, all the way to the village of Theriso.  Details of your trip We will take you off-the-beaten-track on our guided e-bike tours. Together, we will discover the secluded corners of Crete that we have got to know, away from the crowds and near the sun, sea and natural beauty. An easy E-bike ride into green Theriso gorge on paved, quiet roads along the river through the lush woods. Good foryou who want to explore the green areas near Chania. Arrive in Theriso, visit the village and return.   Cycling time: 2½ hours Distance cycling: 25 Km Elevation gain: 574m Total time: 4 hours Difficulty: easy Road: 100% quiet paved roads Notice! To be able to pedal gently for 2-3 hours.  

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SURF - All Ages - Popular!

OUTDOOR ACTIVITY -  1/2 DAY Live an exciting surf adventure at some of the best beaches in Greece DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Surfing Crete is the only official surf school in Chania that gives you the chance to learn how to Surf, at the best surf spots and at the most beautiful beaches of the island guided by our local instructors. We will check the forecast , search for the best spot according to your level and take your there for a surf lesson that will make your holidays in Crete a lifetime experience! All of our activities are being conducted with total safety, as our surf school's instructors are certified by International Surfing Association(ISA) and experienced lifeguards certified by Lifeguard Hellas. Duration of the activity : 1.30 hour If there are no waves we do Stand up paddle boarding ( same charge as surfing lessons)

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Sunset Safari Tour with Wine tasting, 4-5 hours 72 EUR

Premium Sunset Safari Tour in the Northwest side of the inland of Crete... Allow yourself to indulge in a romantic off-road route experience with the best panoramic view in a semi private tour up to 6 or 8 persons per vehicle. Our evening tour begins from Chania city centre and tourist areas, heading towards the White Mountains through uncharted mountain routes. Our premium off-road vehicles driven by well trained escorts will help you enjoy the best panoramic sunset view of Northwest Crete from above. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Sunset Safari Tour,  4 - 5 hours Unpaved off-road routes, wild and dense vegetation, non tourist places, unique panoramic views, ideal for sunset capture stops, combined with a wine tasting accompanied by Cretan delicacies platter, are only some of the experiences that you will gain in a 4-5 hour premium sunset safari tour. After our off-road exploration through orange and lemon tree valleys in villages of Patelari, Varipetro, Alikianos and Vatolakos, we reach an amazing point in the heal of Vatolakkos at 700m altitude where we will have the best panoramic view of the sunset and the possibility to admire the entire city below. After experiencing the sunset, we continue our road-trip to Cretan Villages, full of amazing sights and stories until we reach Manousakis Winery where we will taste their wine. After the tasting, we begin to reach the end of our Sunset Safari tour, driving back to our hotels full of memories, premium service and experiences, adventures and best panoramic views of Chania from above.   The trip is ideal for everyone who´s looking for an experience beyond the ordinary, youth groups, single or couple participants, families with older children, and companies. The trip has guided stops every 30-40 minutes, for everyone´s convenience.    The Trip is not recommended to people suffering from car sickness, have mobility or kinetic problems or back problems or pregnant or for children younger than 7 years old as we don't provide baby seats or people taller than 1,95cm or heavier than 130 Kg. Alcohol consumption is not allowed to minors under the age of 18 years old.

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Jeeppisafari 2 - Salaisuuksien seikkailu - 89 EUR

Koe kaunis kreetalainen maalaismaisema ja maista paikallisia tuotteita, oliiviöljyä ja viinejä. Tutustu oliviiöljyn tuotantoon ja kuule kreetalaisten pitkän iän salaisuuksia. LOCAL EXPERIENCE - ADVENTURE - FULL DAY. See the beautiful landscape of Crete and try our olive oil, see how it's produced and try our tasty wine at a winery. Learn a few Cretan secrets for a long life.  DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Tour 2. Explore the Secrets of Wine and Olives Starting our Day trip Safari to Cretan culture we visit an Olive Mill and then a winery for an informative tour in the Cretan secrets for a long life! We visit an ancient olive tree which is 3000 years old and an exhibition on the history of olives. Working up an appetite we arrive at a small village tavern, where we introduce you to Cretan cuisine with plenty of food, wine and warm Cretan hospitality. On the way up to Mesavlia we cross the gorge of Deliana with its picturesque creek nestled amongst lush vegetation. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos of sheep and goats on our way to the cavernous chapel of Ag. Paraskevi, where we will make a short stop. On the way back we pass through Cretan villages and Olive grooves.   The trip is not recommended to people suffering from car sickness, having mobility or kinetic or back problems, pregnant women or for children younger than 7 years old as we don't provide baby seats, or people taller than 195 cm or heavier than 130 kg. Alcohol consumption is not allowed to minors under age of 18 years old. 

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IMBROS Gorge - 9 km

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY Imbros Gorge is located in province Sfakia and is the second largest gorge in Crete, following Samaria Gorge. The picturesque scenery and its wilderness in combination with the low difficulty make the descent of Imbros ideal for families with children. Details of your trip The walking length of the gorge is 9 km and the course lasts about 2.5 hours. You can walk to the gorge all year round and it is definitely worth seeing. During your descent you will meet various famous locations such as the “Airplane”, “Stenada”, “Mesofarango” and “Xepitira Arch”. Imbros gorge was the escape route for thousands of allied troops retreating from the north of the island. During the period of the battle of Crete in 1941 the troops headed for Chora Sfakion to be collected by ships. From Imbros Village you will start hiking until “Komitades” village. You will meet traces of the old stone paved trail that was once the main passage from Sfakia to Chania. After approximately 1 hour of walk into the gorge, you will reach the narrowest point of the gorge. The walls of the gorge are less than 2 meters apart and tower 300 m. above. At the end of the gorge you will reach “Komitades” village, where the bus will take you to ChoraSfakion. Chora Sfakion is the capital of the remote and mountainous region of Sfakia. The untamed landscape is combined with the quiet. Charming seaside settlement. The sandy beach with the crystal clear blue waters is suitable for relaxation after hiking. A few coffee shops and taverns are located within and around the villages. In its northern neighbourhood, you will find the ruins of the venetian "Fortress of Sfakia” or “Castel di Sfacia or Sfachia” where you can get a panoramic view of Sfakia and admire the wilderness of the nature. Indicative Time-Table 08:30-09:20 Pick up 10:20 Arrival at Imbros gorge – free time for coffee and/or breakfast 10:40 Beginning of the hike 13:00 Hike ends at Komitades Village (depending on how fast you walk) Departure for Sfakia (or else called Chora Sfakion) 13:30 Arrival at Sfakia where you can swim or enjoy a meal at the local taverns 16:30 Departure from Sfakia 18:00-18:30 Arrival at your Hotel

VAPAA Elafonissin ranta - kestosuosikki

SOL OCH BAD - HELA DAGEN - SWEDISH GUIDE Missa inte vår mest älskade strand, Elafonissi! Denna magiska plats hittar du på den sydvästra kusten, med strandens kristallklara vatten och rosa sandstrand görs besöket oförglömlig ... INFORMATION OM UTFLYKT Din resa börjar med att  du hämtas från ditt hotell eller vid en av de specifika upphämtnings platserna, bussen kommer att köra dig till sydvästra Kreta. Guiden ger dig all nödvändig information om turen på svenska. Under turen ner till Elafonissi kommer det göras ett stopp på 20-30 minuter vid Agia Sofia Grottan. Du anländer till Elafonissi ön ca 11:15 och vi stannar i ca 4 timmar. Du har gott om tid att gå genom det grunda vattnet till ön och upptäcka flora och fauna. Simma i det kristallklara vattnet på denna fantastiska plats som ofta kallas "Kretas Maldiverna". På hemvägen kommer bussen ev att stanna för lunch i Amygdalokefali by på en restaurang med underbar utsikt (40-45 minuters stopp). Rutten till Elafonissi på morgonen går genom Topolia ravinen och vid hemresan går det från en annan väg som leder till byn Sfinari. Det är en rundresa eftersom vi vill att våra kunder ska se ett annat landskap på  hemvägen. Returtid ungefär 17.00-18.00. Barnbiljett är från 3 till 11.99 år. Tider: 08:00-09:20 Pick-Up 09:45 Första stopp vid St. Sofia Grottan i Elos. 10:15 Avresa från grottan. 11:15 Ankomst till Elafonissi Stranden. 15:15 Avresa från Elafonissi Stranden med ev ett stopp vid en lokal by där det finns möjlighet till att köpa en lunch. 17:00-18:00 Hemma vid ert hotell.

Lasipohjaveneretki 2h

Kurkista merenpinnan alapuolelle! Tule mukaan lasipohjaveneretkelle! Pidä muutaman tunnin tauko rantaelämästä ja lähde mukaan pienelle lasipohjaveneretkelle. Täydellinen koko perheen retki, joka sopii mainiosti myös perheen nuorimmille. Retken aikana uimatauot ovat lyhyempiä, jotta aikaa jää mukavalle veneajelulle, jonka aikana on sopivasti aikaa ihailla niin Plataniaksen rantamaisemia mereltä käsin kuin kurkata merenpinnan alapuolellekin. Rentoudu ja nauti kauniista maisemista! Kapteeni Argiris kokeneen miehistönsä kanssa kertoo mielellään mielenkiintoisesta merielämästä ja mitä kaikkea meri sisäänsä kätkeekään. Löydä kastumatta kalat ja merenalainen elämä. Mikäli olet kiinnostunut leppoisasta toiminnasta - tämä on juuri sinulle!   Huom. Mikäli sää on kovin huono, retki järjesteään uudestaan toisena ajankohtana. Jos retki peruuntuu täysin, retkimaksusi palautetaan kokonaisuudessaan.


LOCAL EXPERIENCE - 1/2 DAY Opa! It’s a Cretan Evening! The Botanical Park offers Cretan food and entertainment by professional Cretan dancers. Walk in the park with beautiful surroundings and plants from all over the world. Botanical Gardens  Nearly 20 hectares of land welcomes you to the Botanical Park, full of fruit trees, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants from all over the world  in a park different from others. The land’s formation and the region’s microclimate makes it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals! In the midst of this colorful and vivid landscape stands a burnt olive tree, a memorial and a reference to the fires of 2003, the park’s history and origin. You can choose to walk around the park or to have coffee and admire the magical view in the restaurant. The Cretan Evening Dinner will be served at 19:00 consisting of a Buffet of Authentic Cretan Cuisine allowing you to take part in an amazing journey of flavors. After the traditional Cretan dinner with a variety of main traditional dishes, follows a presentation of Cretan traditional musical instruments which still exist in the Cretan musical paths. Note that the Cretan Music is considered as the only type of music throughout Greece that remains alive and still continues to evolve from the years when Crete belonged to the Byzantine Empire from the years 1000 AD. Demonstration/presentation of traditional dances such as sirtaki, sousta, maleviziotis, pentozali etc will be given by experienced Cretan dancers. Feel free to join the dance and get taught by the professionals who will be happy and proud to show you at any time. Indicative Time-Table 16.15-17.20 Pick up 18.00 Arrival at Botanical Park. Either visit the park or stay at the restaurant and enjoy the view 19.00 Dinner – buffet style After dinner Cretan dancing show 22.00 Departure from Botanical Park 22.30-23.00 Arrival at your Hotel


ULKOILU - KOKOPÄIVÄ Tule mukaan keskitason kokopäivän pyöräretkelle ja koe Kreetan kaunis etelärannikko!     RETKIKUVAUS Helppo keskitason kokopäivän pyöräretki yli 12-vuotiaille. Odotettavissa hyväkuntoisia teitä ja muutama helpohko nousu. Pakkaamme polkupyörät huoltoauton perään ja nousemme kohti läntisen Kreetan pilaamattomia vuoristoalueita. Lähtöpisteessä pyörät puretaan, saat kypärän ja kokenut opas johdattaa sinut alamäkeen kohti rannikkoalueita. Ajamme pieniä asfalttiteitä ja hyvin hoidettuja maastoteitä, joilla on vain kevyitä ylämäkiä. Kyseessä ei ole kilpailu, vaan hauska seikkailu. Huoltoauto seuraa ryhmää koko päivän. Reitti alkaa alamäkiosuudella saaren keskeltä jatkuen henkeäsalpaavan maiseman läpi ja maalauksellisten rotkojen vierustaa suoraan etelärannikolle. Selkeällä säällä voit jopa havaita Euroopan eteläisimmässä kohdassa sijaitsevan Gavdoksen saaren. Lounastaukoa vietetään Paleohoran kylässä ja levätään hetki hienohiekkaisella rannalla. Iltapäivän pyöräilyosuus suuntaa kohti Kreetan syrjäisimpiä nurkkia ja sen pikkuruisia kyliä. Nopea alamäkimatka Sassalosin rotkon läpi johtaa sinut takaisin pohjoisrannikolle ja Kissamoksen lahdelle.    Huomio! Ilmoitathan meille sukupuolesi ja pituutesi, kun olet varannut pyöräretken. Retki ei sovellu pyöräilijöille, jotka pelkäävät vauhdikkaita alamäkiä tai kärsivät korkeanpaikankammosta – alamäkeä on yhteensä 2000m!  

Falassarna Walk - 35 EUR

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. Day or Sunset  walk to the beach of Falassarna. A walk to one of Crete’s loveliest beaches and lesser known archaeological sites. Our INFORMATIVE GUIDE will take you on a route through a pretty village, olive groves and on a path with stunning sea views overlooking the far West coast of Crete. When we arrive at the beach there is time for a swim and meal (not included).  Falassarna Walk Join Stelios and his team every Friday, 9:00 am or 16:30 pm for route through a pretty village, olive groves and on a path with stunning sea views overlooking the far West coast of Crete. The walk takes you over the base of the Gramvousa peninsula for a panoramic view of Falassarna Beach. Then we continue the walk down to the archaeological site and the beach. Return at approx 16:00 or 22:00 dependent on whether it is a day or evening walk.

Paleochora & Gialiskari Beach

TWO EXOTIC BEACHES - FULL DAY  Discover the beaches at the southside of Crete and join the Paleochora Beach Trip! The main beach “Pachia Ammos” is permanently waving the blue flag receives thousands of visitors in the summer months. Galiskari Pebble Beach, a short ride from Paleochora with incredible clean crystal clear waters. Just amazing!  Details of your trip We will be pleased to pick you up from your place and take you to Paleochora with the minimum of fuss and with possible stops during the trip. The driver will guide you throu the trip all down to the southside where you will find Paleochora. There are two popular beaches well worth visiting: Pachia Ammos Beach, A children friendly sandy beach with shallow waters and with umbrellas and sun beds that can be rented. Its a very long and wide beach and a popular beach during summer for many. Of course you have several options of excellent taverns and restaurants, espesially at the harbour area. In the village of Paleochora, you can also find some shops, cafees and bars. Other facilities you will find in Plaeochora are banks, post office, a health care center, a police station and a coast guard and more. A ferry Boat leaving forSougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion and Gavdos dock in the local harbor. Galiskari You can choose if you would like to visit Galiskari Beach or just stay and in Paleochora. We recommend you to visit Galiskari, where you will have a swim you never forget. Its a bebble Beach with waters that makes you feel you are in a dream. Its so crystal clean and clear, that its for sure a memory for life! You will have approximately three to four hours in Paleochora/Galiskari before we leave the southside and head north. * Prices valid for departure from Platanias & Chania region

Sougia Beach - FULL DAY

PRIVATE TRIP - FULL DAY Join a private trip to Sougia Beach and swim in the crystal clear and magical blue waters of Sougia! The beach is very wide and long with a few beach chairs and umbrellas. There are many smaller taverns  where you can enjoy a splendid Cretan meal. Details of your trip The driver will pick you up from your accommodation the time you prefer. The drive will take approx. 1 1/2 hour non stop or around 2 1/2 hours with a few stops on the way. Along the way to Sougia you will pass through many of Crete's olive and orange groves. We will make a stop to smell the oranges and for some photos. As we continue up through the White Mountains with its gorgeous views, you will have the opportunity for a stop again for more photos and to sit down in one of the mountain villages for a Greek coffee. Usually we drink Greek Coffee with a bit of sugar and if you feel a bit hungry, we recommend you to ask for a spinach pie (kalitsounia) or a Sfakiani Pita (a Cretan pancake with goat cheese and honey). Reaching Sougia Beach you will have plenty of hours for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. Sougia Beach is a pebble beach and the crystal clear waters are impressive. Actually Sougia is a archeological site which is why its still very few hotels and quite untouched place. If you are interested in hiking during you visit in Sougia, please let us know and we will assist you with information about some beautiful walks close by. You will have approximately three to four hours in Sougia before we leave the southside and head north. * Prices valid for departure from Platanias & Chania region

Village Life & Cretan Cookery Lession

AUTHENTIC CRETE - countryside and cooking! A unique guided tour with wonderful scenery as well as a real insight into traditional Cretan life and an opportunity to try your hand at Cretan cookery. It begins with a visit to a typical village house where a Cretan welcome awaits you with tales of Cretan past, present and tradition. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Village Life & Cretan Cookery Lession There is an optional small walk through pretty countryside to the local cafenion where you will have the opportunity to pick local produce to use in your cookery lesson. Whilst you wait for your traditional cretan lunch to cook, you can have a relaxing drink and enjoy the panoramic views from the cafenion veranda. The day ends with you enjoying your lunch Cretan style! A true taste of Crete!

Keskitason kokopäivän yhdistetty pyöräily- ja vaellusretki - Sougia - 72 EUR

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - FULL DAY. Experience a full day of adventure. See the beautiful and famous Agia Irini gorge, swim in the clear sea to cool off and ride your bike through Cretes fantastic nature.   DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP   This is a medium tour suitable for adults and teenegers in "normal" condition. Expect firm country roads, few gravel passages and some steeper and faster downhill parts. You start your descend into the isolated valleys of the White Mountains at 1,200 m. When you reach the entrance of Agia Irini Gorge it's time to put on your hiking boots. For two and a half hours the smell of sage will accompany you through this impressive canyon. A swim in the clear Libyan Sea at Sougia revives you and will give you energy for the afternoon when we bike through Crete's greenest valleys. Notice! Please inform us your gender and height for installation of the bikes.

Hyvin helppo puolenpäivän pyöräretki - Meskla - 45 EUR

Kaikenikäisille polkijoille soveltuva valloittava pyöräretki läpi pienten uskomattomien kreetalaiskylien ja taianomaisen maalaismaiseman.   OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. No matter age or experience on bike you can join this beautiful cycling tour through wonderful small cretan villages and magical countryside nature.  Details of your trip - Meskla This is a very easy tour suitable for all ages. You bike on smooth straight roads with easy downhill passages. A service van follows the group and there is a stop for coffee and snacks halfway through. The starting point for this very easy bestseller tour is a colorful church surrounded by giant plane trees in the lush, green valley of Meskla. The strip leads you at a calm speed into the Cretan version of the Garden of Eden. Grapes, mulberries, oranges, lemons, figs, kiwis, lotus-fruit and avocados calling out to be picked and tried. The ride through flower-scented villages and a stop in a small kafenion makes this trip truly a remarkable experience. Notice! Please inform us your gender and height when you have booked a bike tour. Suitable for: parent & kid tandem, baby seats.


YKSITYISKULJETUS & OPASTETTU KIERROS – PUOLIPÄIVÄ Tutustu aitoon kreetalaiseen oliiviöljypuristamoon ja viinitilaan. Kierroksen aikana kuulet tilan käyttämistä valmistusmenetelmistä ja pääset maistelemaan niin viinejä kuin oliiviöljyä.  RETKIKUVAUS Vierailu Anoskelin oliiviöljypuristamossa ja viinitilalla Länsi-Kreetan maaseudulla tutustuttaa sinut oliiviöljyn tuotantoon ja viininvalmistukseen.  Ammattitaitoisen henkilökunnan opastetulla kierroksella saat ensikäden tietoa tilan tuottamasta oliiviöljystä ja viineistä. Pääset myös maistamaan tämän perheyrityksen laadukkaita tuotteita, joiden valmistuksessa arvostetaan perinteitä ja pyritään tukemaan paikallista yhteisöä. Retkeen kuuluu meno-paluukuljetus Anoskeliin ja opastettu kierros. Kuljettaja hakee sinut majoituspaikastasi ja noin 30 minuutin ajomatkan kuluttua saavut perille. Tässä vaiheessa päätät kuljettajan kanssa, milloin hän palaa hakemaan sinut. Kierros ja maistelu kestää 1,5-2 tuntia. Opastukset alkavat klo 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 ja 16.00. Kierroksen jälkeen sinulla on mahdollisuus maistella ekologisesti tuotettua ekstra-neitsytoliiviöljyä, 5 erilaista viiniä ja tsikoudiaa (rakia) kreetalaisen välipalan kanssa. Maistelun hintaan sisältyy: Ekstra-neitsytoliiviöljyn ja 5 erilaisen tuotemerkin viinin maistelu. Tarjolla on myös tuoretta leipää oliiviöljyllä maustettuna oreganolla, sitruunalla ja suolalla sekä kreetalaisia herkkuja (kaksi paikallista juustolajiketta, tomaattia, kurkkua, oliiveja, savustettua kinkkua).

Helppo puolenpäivän pyöräretki - Deres - 45 EUR

Kreeta on pyöräilijöiden todellinen El Dorado. Koe pyöränselässä saaren upea luonto, mahtava aktiviteetti koko perheelle.   RETKIKUVAUS Päivä alkaa tapaamispaikalta, josta minibussi nappaa sinut kyytiinsä ja vie ylös vuorille Nea Roumatan kylään. Pyöräreitin alkuosa kulkee läpi kastanjapuuviljelmien ja kauniin vehreän maiseman päättyen Deresin kylään, jossa pääset tutustumaan kreetalaisen elämäntavan saloihin paikallisessa ukkokuppilassa. Kuulet kreetalaisista ja sinulla on myös mahdollisuus kysellä itse lisää. Lyhyen kakkososuuden jälkeen kohtaat historian havinaa Castellossa niin bysanttilaiselta, venetsialaiselta kuin turkkilaiselta ajalta. Koe ihana rauha ja ympärilläsi vallitseva luonnon tasapaino viilettäessäsi verkkaiseen tahtiin alamäkeä. Tämä retki on todellinen luontokokemus. Ohittaessasi pieniä maatiloja näet erilaisia maaseudun eläimiä sekä kuvankaunista kreetalaista maaalaismaisemaa. Kaartaessasi läpi oliivipuuviljemien ja appelsiinitarhojen retki päättyy Pohjois-rannikolle Tavronitiksen kylään, josta minibussi tuo sinut takaisin retken lähtöpisteeseen. Huomio! Muistathan ilmoittaa sukupuolesi, pituutesi sekä lapsesi iän ilmoittautumisesi yhteydessä. Tarjolla myös vanhempi-lapsi -tandempyöriä ja lastenistuimia.

Kokataan kreetalaisittain - 98 EUR

Koe kreetalainen keittiö ja opettele loihtimaan terveellisiä aterioita - tule kokkaamaan kanssamme! Hauska ja toiminnallinen kokkikurssi kaikentasoisille ruuanlaitosta kiinnostuneille.   Kokkaa kuin kreetalainen! Tule mukaan ainutlaatuiselle matkalle makujen ja perinteiden maailmaan, joka perustuu alkuperäisiin ruokaohjeisiin sekä tuoreisiin Kreetan tuotteisiin. Kreetalainen ruokavalio on tunnettu yksinkertaisista ja terveysvaikutteisista luonnontuotteistaan, joita pidetään erityisesti kreetalaisen pitkäikäisyyden salaisuutena. Perinteisten ruokaohjeiden, tuoreiden paikallistuotteiden sekä laadukkaan Terra Creta -valikoiman kera matkasta makujen ja perinteiden maailmaan muodostuu varmasti unohtumaton kokemus. Opi asiantuntijoiden avustuksella luomaan herkullisia lopputuloksia. Kaikki kurssimme ovat interaktiivisia täynnä käytännöntoimintaa, erilaisia ruuanlaittotekniikoita ja vinkkejä sekä ruokavalio-oppia. Kurssiemme jälkeen sinulla on uudet opit hallussasi ja aidot kreetalaiset nuotit valmiina omiin ruokamaailman sävellyksiin kotikeittiössäsi. Päivä täynnä iloa ja naurua, herkullista ruokaa, tilaisuus tavata uusia ihmisiä ja oppia valmistamaan kreetalaisia annoksia perheelle ja ystäville. Keittiömestarimme ohjaa sinua koko ruuanvalmistusprosessissa, jonka päätteeksi voit istua alas ja nauttia maukkaista aikaansaannoksistasi viinilasillisen kera.  

Veneretki Plataniaksesta - puolipäivä - 25 EUR

Lähde mukaan kapteeni Argiriksen ja hänen miehistönsä kanssa kolmen tunnin veneretkelle. Löydä Platanias mereltä käsin uinnin ja snorklauksen merkeissä, opi uusia asioita ja tutustu merenpohjassa piilossa olevaan historiaan...   Plataniaksen pienvenesatamassa sinut toivottaa tervetulleksi 30 vuoden kokemuksen omaava veneen kapteeni sekä hänen ystävällinen miehistönsä. Veneen perusvarustukseen kuuluu oma pelastusliivi jokaiselle matkustajalle. Satamasta vene suuntaa kohti Agii Theodoroun saarta ja sään salliessa kiertää saaren ympäri. Kierroksen jälkeen on aikaa pitää ensimmäinen uimatauko, jolloin sinulla on uinnin lisäksi mahdollisuus kokeilla snorklausta. Saaren seinämillä saatat nähdä kiipeilemässä kuuluisia kreetalaisia villivuohia, joita kutsutaan myös Kri Kri- tai Agrimi -nimillä. Retken aikana veneen palveluhenkinen ja ammattitaitoinen miehistö pitää sinusta hyvää huolta esitellen uimatauoilla meren salaisia aarteita ja jakaen tietoa merenalaisesta elämästä. Ethän epäröi kysyä heiltä mieltäsi askarruttavista asioista, miehistö vastaa ilolla kaikenlaisiin kysymyksiisi.  Retken toinen uimatauko pidetään saaren itäpuolella paikassa, jossa merenpohjassa on edelleen nähtävissä jäänteitä lentokoneesta, joka putosi mereen toisen maailmansodan aikana. Paluumatkalla kohti satamaa pääset tutustumaan Plataniaksen rannikon vilkkaaseen rantaelämään mereltä käsin. Retki on ollut jo vuosia hyvin suosittu ja monet lähtevät tälle retkelle aina uudestaan lomaillessaan Plataniaksessa.    Huom. Mikäli sää on kovin huono, retki järjesteään uudestaan toisena ajankohtana. Jos retki peruuntuu täysin, retkimaksusi palautetaan kokonaisuudessaan.

SUP-lautailua & snorklausta 59 EUR

Laita kehosi liikkeelle - tule ja koe Kreetan länsirannikko SUP-lautaillen! Melo kristallinkirkkaissa, turkoosinsinisissä vesissä, ja löydä kokeneiden SUP-lautailuohjaajien johdolla rannan tuntumassa olevat sopukat, joita harvat paikallisetkaan tuntevat. Marathin ja Loutrakin rannat kirkkaine ja tyynine vesineen luovat täydellisen suppailuympäristön ja ovat ihanteellisia kohteita niin aloittelijoille kuin kokeneemmillekin lautailijoille. Hyppää sinäkin SUP-laudalle! SUP-LAUTAILUA & SNORKLAUSTA Sup-lautailun perustekniikkaan perehdytyksen jälkeen tutkimme rannikon kätköissä olevia luolia, uimme, otamme kuvia ja snorklaamme yhdessä. Tarjoamme sinulle kaikki sup-lautailuun ja snorklaukseen tarvittavat varusteet sekä taltioimme hauskat hetket kuvina ja lyhyenä videona, jotka lähetetään sinulle myöhemmin sähköpostitse. Aiempi melontakokemus ei ole tarpeen. Lähdemme liikkeelle vasta, kun tunnet olosi varmaksi ja valmiiksi! Kierroksemme on suunniteltu erityisesti miellyttämään eri tasoisia melojia, ensikertalaisista ammattilaisiin. Vaikka aiempi melontakokemus ei ole tarpeen ja ohjaajamme ovat vesipelastuksen ja ensiapukoulutuksen saaneita koulutettuja SUP-lautailuohjaajia, osallistujien tulisi silti osata uida. Pukeudu sään mukaisesti asuun, jossa on hyvä liikkua ja joka voi kastua. Suosittelemme päähinettä ja aurinkovoidetta aurinkoisina päivinä. Ota myös mukaasi varavaatteet, jotka säilytetään tiloissamme, jotta voit vaihtaa kuivat vaatteet päällesi sup-lautailun jälkeen. Lapsihinta 8-12 -vuotiaille.  

Private Chef

Designed to give a unique, modern and stylish dining experience. A local chef that brings a restaurant style dining experience to your very own home or accommodation.  DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Our cooperator with team brings everything needed to serve you including plates, cutlery and specialist cooking equipment and they clean everything up after as if they were never there. Enjoy a night of good company and fine food. To finish the experience, the chef provides a cooking demonstration at your table as part of your dessert. This also gives you time for questions  with your own personal chef. Choose between the menus below: Cretan Menu Appetizer Options: Dakos Or Graviera saganaki with sesame ,figs and honey First Course Options: Cretan Salad Or Green Salad with apaki (Smoked pork) Main Course Options: Tsigariasto (Stewed goat in wine sauce) Or Arnaki Stamnagathi aygolemono (Lamb in casserole) Dessert Options: Sfakiani pita (Cretan pie with mizythra cheese and honey) Or Yogurt with honey and walnuts SEAFOOD MENU Appetizer Options: Shrimps Saganaki with feta cheese Or Steam mussels with ouzo and fresh tomatoes First Course Options:Cretan salad Or Horta vrasta with potatoes & zucchini (Boiled greens with olive oil and sea salt) Main Course Options: Grilled fish with Vegetables (The catch of the Day with grilled vegetables) Dessert Options: Baklavas Or Kantaifi BBQ MENU Appetizer Options: Dips with pita bread (tzatziki ,melitzanosalata and olive oil) Or Dolmadakia with yogurt (Rice in vino leaves with aromatic herbs) First Course Options: Green salad with dry fruits,cherry tomatoes and dry anthotiro Or Cretan Salad Main Course Options: Grilled meat platter with pancetta, Cretan sausages, chicken skewers ,lamb chops pork skewers and beef burgers served with grilled vegetables Or Grilled Seafood platter (+€ 10) with Fish fillet, octopus, shrimps, calamari and cuttlefish served with grilled vegetables Dessert Options: Tiramisu Or Galaktompoureko VEGETARIAN MENU Appetizer Options: Dolmadakia (Vino leaves with rice and aromatic herbs) Or Kolokythokeftedes (Zucchini patties) First Course Options: Cretan Salad Or Dakos(Barley rusk topped with tomato, myzithra cheese, olive oil and oregano) Main Course Options: Gemista (Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs Or Risotto with mushrooms and graviera cheese Dessert Options: Yogurt with Cretan honey Or Fruit Salad

Charma Brewery Beer Tasting

PRIVATE TRANSFER & GUIDED TOUR - HALF DAY Taste the first fresh local beer in Chania! The Harma Brewery is located in Zounaki village, in the municipality of Platanias, a short drive from Platanias village. The beer production at Harma is aiming to pure and natural beer with excellent flavor and aroma along with a high nutrition value.  It’s not a surprise that Harma beer has become one of the favorite beers among the Cretans as well as the visitors!  Details of your trip The driver will pick you up from your accommodation at the time you like. The drive will take approx. 20 minutes. Guided tour for 30 min, from Monday to Sunday between 10:30 and 19:30. At Charma brewery you will learn the brewing process, first-hand, while watching brewers doing their magic. Get the chance to smell the aromas and feel the beer ingredients in your hand; learn all about the flavors you will discover in different beer styles. Accompany your tour and beer tasting with local Cretan meze prepared with fresh ingredients from the area. The presence in the production area is not allowed. However, the brewery and the visiting area are constructed in such a way, that the visitors can have direct contact with the production. (bird eye perspective). You can book both the drive and the tastings with us. The participation of children up to 16 years old in the guided tour is free of cost. 1. BREWERY TOUR & BEER TASTING Follow our experienced staff around our brewery facilities and get the chance to know all about the brewing process and brewing ingredients in our final stop in front of our brew house. The tour is followed by a beer tasting experience with 4 fresh beer samples (100ml each) accompanied with Cretan breadsticks. Duration about 45 min (guided tour & beer tasting) 2. BREWERY TOUR & BEER TASTING ACCOMPANIED WITH SNACK Follow our experienced staff around our brewery facilities and get the chance to know all about the brewing process and brewing ingredients in our final stop in front of our brew house. The tour is followed by a beer tasting experience with 4 fresh beer samples (100ml each) accompanied with beer snack as follow: 2 sorts of cheese, 2 sorts of cold cut, cherry tomatoes, salty olives & croutons Duration about 1 hour (guided tour, beer tasting and snack) 3. BREWERY TOUR & BEER TASTING ACCOMPANIED WITH LUNCH Follow our experienced staff around our brewery facilities and know all about the brewing process and brewing ingredients in our final stop in front of our brew house. The tour is followed by a beer tasting experience with 4 fresh beer samples (100ml each) accompanied with Cretan lunch. The dish includes 2 sorts of meat, barley rusk, cherry tomatoes, salty olives, borek with vegetables & tzatziki. This dish can be offered also as vegeterian, meat is replaced by spinat pastry and potato salad. Duration about 1 1/2 hour (guided tour, beer tasting & Cretan lunch). The driver will pick you up from your accommodation at the time your prefer, and pick you up for the return at Charma upon agreed time.

Elafonissin ranta - kestosuosikki -26 EUR

Ethän jätä väliin rakastetuinta rantaamme Elafonissia! Tämä Kreetan lounais-kolkassa sijaitseva taianomainen ranta valloittaa kristallinkirkaalla vedellä ja vaaleanpunertavalla rantahiekalla...  RETKIKUVAUS Lähtö retkelle on Plataniaksesta joko hotellisi edestä tai etukäteen ilmoitetulta retkipysäkiltä. Aamupäivän bussimatka kulkee halki läntisen Kreetan ja läpi Topolian kylän kohti saaren lounais-kolkkaa. Tällä kansainvälisellä retkellä opastus on joko englanniksi tai saksaksi sekä tarvittaessa kreikaksi. Menomatkalla noin kello 10 pidetään 20-30 minuutin aamiaistauko pienessä perinteisessä kreetalaiskylässä, Eloksessa, joka on tunnettu suurista kastanjapuistaan.  Elafonissiin saavutaan noin kello 11:30 ja aikaa rannalla on nelisen tuntia. Sinulla on riittävästi aikaa kahlata matalassa rantavedessä ja uida sekä tutustua paikan ainutlaatuiseen ympäristöön. Tätä kirkasvetistä paratiisirantaa kutsutaan usein myös Kreetan Malediiveiksi. Paluumatkan alussa pysähdytään myöhäiselle lounaalle Amygdokefalin kylän ihastuttavaan näköalatavernaan, jossa pidetään 40-45 minuutin tauko. Tauon jälkeen matka jatkuu pitkin länsirannikkoa läpi pikkuruisen Sfinarin kylän. Reitti kulkee eri tietä aamu- ja iltapäivällä, jotta pääset näkemään mahdollisimman paljon erilaisia maisemia. Takaisin Plataniaksessa ollaan noin kello 17:30-18.00. Lapsihinta 3-12 -vuotiaille.   Platanias ilmoittaa mahdollisista muutoksista tekstiviestitse. Varmistathan, että puhelimesi on päällä ja ladattu.

Samarian rotko - pitkä vaellus - 35 EUR

Vaella kuuluisa Samarian rotko! Vaellus alkaa Omaloksen kylästä laskeutumisella puisia portaita alas rotkoon Valkeiden vuorten kohotessa ylväinä ympärillä. Lähtopiste Xyloskalossa on 1250 metrin korkeudella merenpinnan yläpuolella naapurivuoren Gigiloksen huippujen noustessa aina 2080 metrin korkeuteen.  RETKIKUVAUS Bussi noutaa sinut retkipysäkiltäsi aikaisin aamulla ja matka jatkuu Omaloksen tasangolle, jossa aamiaismahdollisuus pienessä tavernassa ennen vaellukselle lähtöä. Retkellä on mukana englantia, saksaa ja kreikkaa puhuva ammattitaitoinen ja kokenut opas. Opas on antaa tarvittavat tiedot vaellusta varten ja huolehtii käytännönjärjestelyistä kuten sisäänpääsylippujen ja laivalippujen hankinnasta. Sisäänpääsymaksu rotkoon (5 euroa, alle 15-vuotiaat maksutta) ja laivalippu Sougiaan 10euroa (6-11-vuotiaat 5 euroa) tulee maksaa oppaalle käteisellä retkelle lähdettäessä.  Vaellus alkaa aamiaisen jälkeen ja jokainen saa vaeltaa rotkon omaan tahtiinsa. Opas kulkee ryhmän viimeisenä tarkistaen, että kaikki sujuu hyvin ja huolehtii, että kaikki saapuvat ajallaan rotkon päätepisteeseen, Agia Roumelin kylään. Etukäteen ilmoitetussa tapaamispaikassa opas jakaa laivaliput. Kylässä on uintimahdollisuus ja useita tavernoita, joissa voi nauttia lounasta. Laiva lähtee noin klo 17:15 kohti Sougian kylää ja kestää tunnin. Bussikuljetus takaisin Plataniakseen lähtee välittömästi kaikkien ollessa paikalla ja saapuminen Haniaan on noin klo 20:00. Plataniakseen saavutaan luonnollisesti jo hieman aiemmin. Huomioithan ettei retki sovellu sydänvikaisille, iäkkäämmille henkilöille eikä raskaana oleville. Vaellus taittuu alle kuudessa tunnissa ja siinä ajassa ehdit hyvin valokuvata ja pitää taukoja tarpeen mukaan. Älä turhaan kiirehdi vaan nauti ympärillä olevasta luonnosta! Vaellus on selkeästi merkitty ja pääasiassa kulkua alaspäin, joten illalla kunnon venyttely on paikallaan. Muistathan laittaa jalkaasi tukevat ja mukavat kengät. Sandaalit kannattaa suosiolla jättää hotellille.

Samarian rotko - lyhyt vaellus

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - FULL DAY. Make sure you visit our famous Samaria Gorge. If you are tired of walking but want photos for you Insta-followers, If you do not feel like walking today but want to admire the terrific natural environment, If you want to live a superior experience without getting tired, then this excursion is made for you! We will arrive around 7 o’clock in the morning and after a breakfast you will have the chance to photo-shoot the entrance of the gorge and admire the creation of the nature. The hiking escort will give you all necessary instructions and then he will enter the gorge with the rest of the group (you will meet again at Agia Roumeli). DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP The driver will take you to the small village of Sougia where you embark on the boat to reach the village of Agia Roumeli which is the exit of the gorge of Samaria. You can walk until the exit of the gorge, to the “Iron Gates” or swim and have a lunch there until you meet with the rest of the group. The gorge of Samaria is the biggest, most imposing and beautiful gorge in Greece and 2nd in Europe, and that is why it is internationally renown and mostly visited, since more than 300.000 people cross it each year. It has a wonderful landscape with rare geo-morphological formations. It is a unique biotope with particular richness in fauna and flora. It has a rich mythology as well, that goes back to pre- historical years and a tumultuous history during the difficult years of Crete. Samaria Gorge was proclaimed National Park of the White Mountains of Crete in 1962 when a couple of local families were still living in the village of Samaria, in the middle of the gorge and who were mainly busy with cattle-breeding and woodcutting. The surface covered at the time was 48.500 sqm., whereas the expansion of the Park today at 250.000 sqm. includes a remarkable part of the White Mountains. The main fauna species is the world-famous Cretan Chamois (wild goat - CAPRA AEGAGRUS CRETICA), an extremely beautiful and dashing animal that has been preserved, is now living freely in the gorge of Samaria and in the three gorges parallel to it. There is a total of 450 species of Cretan flora in the gorge, of which 70 are endemic, i.e. they grow in the gorge only. Among the well- known flora species, you find the perennial gigantic cypresses once used in shipbuilding and in the construction of the pillars of the Palace of Knossos by the Minoan Civilization.   Please note that the hiking escort will be with you until Omalos Plateau. You will meet again at Agia Roumeli with the rest of the Samaria Gorge group. Please note that Boat Ticket is not included and is paid on the spot in cash. NO SANDALS! Children ticket is from 3 y/o-11,99 y/o. Indicative Time-Table: 05:20-06:10 Pick up 07:30 Short stop at Omalos (1.200 m) – free time forbreakfast and to take some pictures 08:00 Departure from Omalos to Sougia 09:00 Departure from Sougia to Agia Roumeli by boat 10:00 Arrival at Agia Roumeli walk into the gorge up to the Iron Gates (optional with fee – not included) Free time to eat & drink and to swim. 16:30 Meet your guide at Agia Roumeli and get the ferry-boat tickets to Sougia. 17:00-17:30 Departure from Agia Roumeli to Sougia 18:30 Arrival to Sougia 20:00 - 20:30 Arrival at your Hotel  

AQUA CRETA Limnoupolis Waterpark, start from Chania

FOR CHILDREN - FULL DAY  An exciting day filled with sun and water fun awaits the visitors of Limnoupolis! The park has something happening in every corner, a total of 11 water slides, all unique, and guarantees to fill you with the super adrenaline rush you’re after. LIMNOPOLIS - WATERPARK The little friends of "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" will immediately get excited with the colorful experience of the specially designed kids pool and its island with many amusing games with a twist, a big barrel that overturns and plunges you with water and many smaller slides suitable for the younger ones.  The impressive variety of exciting activities is designed to cater to the needs of every age group, so you are not likely to ever get bored at any point! Apart from our little friends who explore endless games at Limnoupolis, the parents have their own chance to enjoy countless hours of relaxation in the sun. The huge central swimming pool of "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" is a 1,500-square-meters “water oasis”, there is also an especially designed area where you can dive from the diving platform where the depth is 3.80 m. The surrounding area of the central pool is equipped with comfortable sunbeds and cool sun umbrellas for our visitors to relax under the bright sun at no extra charge. The bar operating in the area will ensure that your favorite tastes and cool drinks are not to be missed. For thoses who want to take it a bit easy the lazy river is perfect, it’s in a green atmosphere of natural stones, caves and waterfalls, or relax on a sunbed on the grass.  The park offers stable and free wifi, a simple restaurant, a mini market, bars for beverages, icecreams, snacks and more.


HIKE & NATURE TRIP - 1/2 DAY - PRIVATE TRANSFER Botanical Park was founded by four brothers who had a dream and wanted to share with us what they believe is heaven on earth, and "a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals!" Book you transfer with us and enjoy a half day in magical nature! The best time to come during the hot summer months is early in the morning, staying clear of the midday heat and ending your visit with lunch at the restaurant. All the products are local and organic, and the view is fantastic!    Details of your trip Included in the trip is the two way transfer to Botanical Park. The transfer driver will pick you up at your accommodation and after approx 30 min drive through the village of Fournes and up the mountain you will arrive at the park. At this point you will decide with the driver the time he will return to pick you up.  You will find with nearly 20 hectares of land a park that is filled with fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants.The botanical gardens formation and the areas microclimate makes it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals! In this paradise you will also see a burnt 100 year old olive tree, a memorial from the fires in 2003, it tells the history and the origin of the park. A park that really stands out and shows you the beauty of Crete and how fruitful the land is.  The walk path in the park takes approx. 1 1/2 hour. Price of Entrance:: Adults 6€ - Ages 6 to 12 4€ - Ages 6 and less, free (with parents). Last entrance two hours before sunset.   THE GARDEN AND THE RESTAURANT ARE OPEN - Food served till 6pm We recommend you to visit the restaurant for some delicious Cretan traditional and local food.   

KNOSSOS - minolaisen kulttuurin kehto - 37 EUR

Knossoksen palatsi on Kreetan suosituin arkeogologinen nähtävyys. Tutustu tunnettuun myyttiin Minoutauruksesta ja labyrintistä kulkiessasi läpi minolaiskulttuurin historian.   The first excavation of the site was conducted in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos of Herakleion. This was followed by the long-term excavations 1900-1913 and 1922-1930) of the Englishman Sir Arthur Evans, who uncovered virtually the entire palace. While walking through the palace you can admire the Frescoes, pottery and the Throne room. This great civilization was destroyed at the explosion of the volcano of Santorini island. You will be picked up from your hotel or at one of the pick up points, the guide will fill you in with all the information about our trip. On the national road outside Rethmyno there will be a stop for 30 minutes to have breakfast. Upon arrival at the Palace of Knossos( the professional archaeologists-guide will guide you for 2 hours. The guided tour will be in English.) Due to the pandemic, guiding is done with whispers which are provided at the bus. After the tour in Knossos you will be driven to the city center of Heraklion where you have time to visit either the archaeological museum of Heraklion or have lunch and admire the capital of Crete. You have approximately 2 hours free time. While returning there will be a 20 minute stop for a refreshment and then you will be back at Chania about 18:30 p.m   Huomioithan, että sisäänpääsymaksu Knossoksen palatsialueelle ja Iraklionin arkeologiseen museoon on 16 euroa (lapset alle 12 -vuotta 8 euroa), joka maksetaan oppaalle käteisellä retken alussa. Retken lapsihinta on 3-12 -vuotiaille

Melontaa Falassarnassa

ULKOILU - 1/2 PÄIVÄ Esteetön meriseikkailu turkoosissa vesissä. Lyhyt, upea merikajakkiretki Länsi-Kreetalla. Melomme Limpetin saarelle Falasarnan rannan edustalle sekä tutustumme matalikkoon uponneeseen alukseen toisen maailmansodan ajalta.  RETKIKUVAUS Lähdemme Kissamoksesta ja ajamme 20 minuuttia retken aloituspaikalle länsirannikolle, Falassarnan vaaleanpunaiselle hiekkarannalle. Vaihtoehtoisesti voimme tavata suoraan Falassarnassa, jotta voit viettää aikaa rannalla yhteisen aktiviteettimme jälkeen. Melomme turkoosilla vesillä lahden yli pienelle Limpetin saarelle. Navigoimme matalalla riutalla saaren muotoja mukaillen. Myöhemmin palaamme pääsaarelle tutkimaan toisen maailmansodan aikana matalikolle uponnutta liittoutuneiden kuljetusalusta. Paluureitti takaisin Falassarnan rannalle kulkee laajojen meriruohoniittyjen yli. Uimatauolla hyödynnämme kajakkien istuimet ja hyppäämme siniseen veteen. Snorklausvälineiden ansiosta pääsemme tarkastelemaan tarkemmin matalia riuttoja, haaksirikkoutunutta alusta, meriruohoniittyjä ja meren elämää. Lopuksi laskeudumme takaisin Falassarnan rannalle, sen pehmeälle vaaleanpunaiselle hietikolle sekä välipalalle tamariskipuiden varjoon. Kahvilassa voi myös nauttia virvokkeita ihaillen kaunista lahdelle avautuvaa maisemaa.   Melontaa: 1-2 tuntia Kokonaisaika: 4 tuntia Melontaetäisyys: 4-7 km Vaikeustaso: sopii kaikille Huom! Melojan tulee pystyä melomaan 1-2 tuntia.

Falassarna - yksityiskuljetus

Falassarna on paikallisten suosikki. Lähde rannalle oman aikataulusi mukaan ammattikuljettajan matkassa!  RETKIKUVAUS Kujjettaja noutaa sinut hotelliltasi valitsemaasi aikaan. Matka Falassarnan rannalle kestää Plataniaksesta noin 40 min. Perillä kuljettaja jättää sinut Pachia Ammos -nimisen päärannan kohdalle tai muuhun sopimaanne kohtaan. Pääranta on pituudeltaan yli kilometrin ja noin 150 metriä leveä. Hiekka on hyvin hienoa ja pehmeää ja merivesi kimaltelee turkoosin sävyissä. Halutetssasi voit vuokrata aurinkotuoleja ja -varjon. Rannan tuntumassa on useita rantabaareja ja kahviloita. Rannalla voi vuokrata vesiskootterin tai harrastaa erilaisia vesiurheilulajeja kuten surffausta ja SUP-lautailua. Päivän päätteeksi kuljettaja noutaa sinut valitsemastasi paikasta sovittuun aikaan. Huomioithan, että hinnat ovat koskevat Plataniaksen ja Hanian aluetta.  

Baloksen laguuni - 45 EUR

Pieni kreetalainen paratiisi odottaa löytäjäänsä... Gramvousan saaren villi kauneus sekä Baloksen laguunin kristallinkirkas vesi ja valkoinen rantahietikko ovat ehdottomasti saaren ykköskohteita saarella lomaillessasi. Retkikuvaus: Retkipäiväsi alkaa bussin noutaessa sinut omalta retkipysäkiltäsi. Matka jatkuu kohti läntistä Kreetaa, jonka aikana opas kertoo tarpellista tietoa päivääsi koskien. Gramvousan laiva odottaa Kissamos-Kastellin satamassa, josta risteily alkaa. Varauksesi yhteydessä maksat ainoastaan 27 euroa varausmaksua ja loput 18 euroa maksetaan satamassa oppaallesi, joka huolehtii jokaiselle oman laivalipun ja näin vältyt turhalta jonottamiselta lippuluukulla. Children 18€ now and 9€ at boat. Before boarding the ship, passengers over the age of 13 pay € 1 in addition to the ticket price, as a reciprocal fee for a visit to the Balos Lagoon. Noin kello 10:20 laiva lähtee kohti Gramvousan saarta. Merimatka kestää noin 45 minuuttia. Laivalla on itsepalvelupiste, josta voi ostaa ruoka-annoksia, välipalaa ja juomia. Voit valita vapaasti istumapaikkasi joko ulkokannelta tai sisätiloista. Laivan saavuttua Gramvousan saarelle voit joko jäädä rantaan uimaan tai nousta ylös venetsialaiselta ajalta olevalle Gramvousan linnakkeelle. Tämä ensimmäinen pysäkki on kestoltaan 2,5 tuntia, jonka jälkeen onkin vain 20 minuutin matka Baloksen laguunille. Baloksen laguunilla on noin kolmisen tuntia aikaa nauttia uinnista ja auringonotosta. Voit myös palata takaisin laivalle ruokailemaan milloin tahansa tai vuokrata rannalta aurinkovarjon, mikäli kaipaat varjoa. Baloksen laguunilta paluu on suoraan Kissamos-Kastellin satamaan. Laivamatkan aikana on loistava mahdollisuus ihailla maisemia mereltä käsin auringon jäädessä jo selän taakse. Laiva saapuu satamaan kello 18:00 ja pieni matka paratiisiin on tullut päätökseen. Paluu takaisin Haniaan noin kello 19:00. Lapsihinta on 3-12 -vuotiaille.   Huomio! Nousua ylös Gramvousan linnakkeelle on noin 200 metriä ja vaatii ehdottomasti kiipeämiseen soveltuvat kengät jalkaan.


Leiki-kaiva-opi! Tule mukaan herättelemään muinaishistoriaa henkiin! Olemme rakentaneet oman arkeologisen kaivauksen erityisesti lapsille, jotta he pääsevät tutustumaan arkeologian saloihin mukavan puuhailun merkeissä.  Tule tutkimaan minolaisajan kodin kaivauksille! Noudamme sinut ja lapsesi hotelliltasi ja kuljetamme arkeologiselle kaivaukselle, jonka pohjana on aivan oikea minolaisajan arkeologinen kaivausalue. Näytämme huolella ja kiireettömästi lapsiryhmälle miten arkeologit työskentelevät. Opetamme erilaisia arkeologien käyttämiä tekniikoita sekä selitämme, miksi kaivaustyö suoritetaan tietyllä tavalla. Lasten päästessä itse työn touhuun, ohjaamme heitä askel askeleelta, jotta lapset ymmärtävät jokaisen vaiheen merkityksen. Maahan kätkettyjen minolaisajan esineiden ja fossiilien kautta autamme nuoria arkeologejamme ymmärtämään historian merkityksen.

Personal Trainer

Who doesn't like laying on the beach tanning all day long, swimming in the sea, eating good food, having a few drinks and just being lazy… But wouldn't it not be even better to start your day with some exercise together with your own Personal Trainer!

Hike & Kayak Adventure - 2 Days

Join Manu and Fiona on this exciting Hike & Kayak Mini Samaria Adventure - 2 Days. Truly experience the wonders of nature in this human powered 2 day exploration of Samaria National Park, the White Mountains and the Cretan South.  Kayak along rugged coastlines, and hike the longest gorge in Europe, enjoying stunning views, spectacular nature and local wildlife. This is for you who is pretty fit and able to do 15km on the kayak first day and walking Samaria the next day. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Day 1: Sea Kayak - Rugged Southern Coastlines   Welcome meeting and briefing in the traditional town of Kissamos, followed by a car transfer to Sougia, on the South coast. See the stunning southern coastline from a different perspective, as you kayak with a guide from Sougia to the small villlage of Agia Roumeli, only accessible by boat. Enjoy the flexibility of the kayaks as you explore small bays and beaches, rock formations and sea caves along your way. Expect soaring cliffs, turquoise clear waters and plenty of opportunities for swim/snorkel stops as you go. Spend the evening at your leisure in Agia Roumeli. Refuel with a cold beer and great food with a sea view at one of the tavernas, take a dip in the Libyan sea from the pebble beach or hike up to the old fortress overlooking the village for some really spectacular sunset views. Overnight in Agia Roumeli. Day 2: Hike - The Longest Gorge   Today you will hike, at your own pace, the stunning gorge of Samaria – the longest gorge in Europe. It runs 16km from Agia Roumeli to Omalos in the White mountains. Take advantage of your perfect positioning (waking up almost at the entrance to the gorge) to get an early start, or plan the day as you wish. Most walkers need 5-7 hours to cross the gorge. You will walk the gorge uphill – easier on the knees! – and should arrive at the impressive narrow point “Portes” early on in your hike, with very few other walkers around. Perfect photo opportunity! Experience the gorge in relative solitude, allowing you to fully appreciate the scenery and enjoy the changing environments around you, as you pass from rocky riverbed and coloured rock faces, past the abandoned village of old Samaria, through shady pine forests and finally ascend to the exit in the mountainous village of Omalos, where we will be waiting to collect you and transfer you to the town of Chania or Kissamos.   Scheduled dates May: 17/5 – 18/5 2021 – From 190€ (Single room supplement: 35€) June: 20/6 – 21/6 2021 – From 190€ (Single room supplement: 45€) July: 16/6 – 17/7 2021 – From 230€ (Single room supplement: 55€) August: 18/8 – 19/8 2021 – From 230€ (Single room supplement: 55€) September: 13/9- 14/9 2021 – From 190€ (Single room supplement: 45€) October: 26/10 – 27/10 2021 – From 190€ (Single room supplement: 35€) Note Activities & routes listed in the itinerary are weather dependent. We will always try to stick as close as possible to the itinerary but the activities and may be rearranged or substituted in case of need. Extra fees are: Samaria Entrance fee : 5€ (until 15 years old free of charge)    We are flexible. We have fixed dates but you can ask us about coming on your preferred dates. We offer multi-day tours that include accommodation, but if you have your own favourite place to stay, we can organise just the activities, ask us.

Manousakis Winery Wine Tasting

PRIVATE TRANSFER & TASTINGS - HALF DAY Come and enjoy a wine tasting! The family-owned Manousakis Winery in Vatolakkos still follows the traditional ways of growing their grapes and producing the wine. Try five to seven different kinds of  wines with local Cretan rusks. Book your transfer and tasting with us! Due to the strict Health & Safety regulations and social distancing, the tours inside the winery production area will not be available until further notice.   Details of your trip Included in the trip is the two way transfer to Manousakis Winery. The transfer driver will pick you up at your accommodation and after approx 20 min you will arrive at the winery. At this point you will decide with the driver the time he will return to pick you up. The tasting takes about 1 1/2 hour. After the tastings you will be seated in the beutiful atmosphere of the winery to enjoy their fine wines.  When you have reserved transfer, you will add on which tasting you choose. The tastings you can choose between are following: Terroir Tasting Tour A tasting of 5 different wines (type of wine is dependent on availability and is subject to change) paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt.  Premium Tasting A tasting of 7 different wines (type of wine is dependent on availability and is subject to change) paired with local Cretan rusks, olive oil and sea salt.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. Let your child get to know Crete by horse! A wonderful experience for your child to have during your visit here. With a safe way we walk with them for a 30 minutes ride. Parents are welcome to join up, either by feet or to ride along.   Details of your trip The Horse Ranch is situated in Georgioupolis, approx 30 - 40 min ride from Chania and Platanias area. After an introduction with our professional trainers, we start our 30 min ride in a safe way surrounded with nature and stunning views. This is a tour for children, all ages and is absolutely a perfect choice to get a first connection into horse-riding. All horses are gentle, forward and well-looked after. Of course they appreciate an apple, carrot or a slice of bread as a reward! All groups are guided.  Notice: If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get 100% refund on your payment.

Boat Trip To Magical Menies Beach 25 EUR

BOAT CRUISE AND SEA&SUN - 1/2 DAY Join a wonderful boat trip from Kolymbari harbor to the amazing beach of Menies. The Menies beach is formed in a small bay and enchants the visitor when approaching. The imposing rocks combined with the wild beauty of nature create an earthly paradise. Free Transfer from your hotel is included!  Boattrip to Menies Menies or Diktynna is located on the northeastern shores of Cape Rodopos, a 45 km northwest of Chania. Menies beach is formed into a small bay where the Foundas Gorge ends.  It is a lovely secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters that immediately captivates the visitor when approaching. It is not affected by the usual winds blowing in the area and it is the ideal destination for swimming and relaxation. The imposing rock combined with the wild beauty of the nature has an earthly paradise as a result. The Menies beach is several kilometers away from the nearest village and it has not been altered by humans in any shape or form. It is a virgin landscape that awaits you!  We are waiting for you at the port of Kolimbari in order to travel and enjoy the beauty of this place. We will guide you to places of historical and geographical importance for Crete. The trip’s duration is 3.5 hours. We will visit the caves that are in our way, we will stops for swimming in the blue waters of our island and our final destination will be the Menies beach. The Menies beach is formed in a small bay and enchants the visitor when approaching. The imposing rocks combined with the wild beauty of nature create an earthly paradise. There is also the monastery of St. George, dating from 530 BC, and the remains of the ancient port. Through this cruise you will be allowed to experience the beauty of our country and enjoy the sun and sea.   Boat leavs harbor at  time: 10:15 Return time: 14:15 Duration: 4 hours Locations: A stop for swimming and snorkeling at the Caves, Menies beach Notice: If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get 100% refund on your payment.

Limnoupolis Waterpark, start from Chania

FUN FOR KIDS - FULL DAY. The little friends of "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" will immediately get excited with the colorful experience of the specially designed kids’ pool and its island. Children will have a crazy time with many amusing games with a twist, like the big barrel that overturns and plunges you with water, the impressive hanging rope bridges and the endless climbing. Older children will explore jungle adventure in Tarzan's colorful platform. They can swing across the water on ropes. If you feel adventurous you can follow them and feel the freedom of Tarzan! LIMNOPOLIS - WATERPARK From the first moment of arrival, visitors of all ages to "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" will have the chance to experience wonderful fun and sun-filled excitement in every corner of the waterslides Crete.  Each one of the total 11 water jugs is totally unique, and guarantees to fill you with the super adrenaline rush you’re after.  The impressive variety of exciting activities is designed to cater to the needs of every age group, so you are not likely to ever get bored at any point! Apart from our little friends who explore endless games at "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis", the parents have their own chance to enjoy countless hours of relaxation in the sun. In the huge central swimming pool of "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" you feel like you swim in the sea, as you dive into the 1,500-square-meters «water oasis».  In the specially designed and autonomous section of the central pool, you can dive from the special diving platform at a depth of 3.80 meters! The surrounding area of the central pool is equipped with comfortable sun låoungers and cool sun umbrellas for our visitors to relax under the bright sun of Crete & at no extra charge.  The bar operating in the same place will ensure that your favorite tastes and cool drinks are not missed. For those looking for the ultimate aqua fun park relax, the lazy river will compensate you in a unique green atmosphere of natural stones, caves and waterfalls. The lovely and comfortable park yawn offers harmony and energy to every dad or mom who needs it.  The stable & free wi-fi network of "Aqua Creta Limnoupolis" will surely enrich even more the entertainment experience of every visitor. A simple restaurant is onsite.  


Challenge yourself with paragliding during your stay in Crete and get a completely unique experience. To have the opportunity to see beaches, sea and nature from above, we promise it will be a memory for life!  DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP We start the trip with a Van that will pick you up from your accommodation (Chania-Platanias region, upon availibiity) and depending on the weather circumstances we choose a spot of take off. You can choose between three time ranges of ride: 10 min, 20 min and 30 min. There are 2 flight modes that you can choose. One way is called Paragliding and it concerns the flight from a mountain without an engine. In each flight there is the pilot behind and the passenger in front. The same goes for the other mode of flight, the Paratriking. It is a tricycle with a motor and parachute that takes off from the beach and lands at the same point. Both ways are completely safe and are aimed at people of all ages without weight and height restrictions. People with special needs can also do this activity! In addition, there is an extra offer to get the flight with you up in the air on video and photos, taken with a professional go pro camera. If you order it by adding that in the basket when you make the reservation,  you will get it directly at the end of the flight on an sd card. Also at the end you will get a commemorative diploma of your brave flight! The activity provides complete equipment and safety such as helmet and belt and it is important to know that our equipment is constantly updated and upgraded with the necessary controls.


 Oletko ensimmäistä kertaa Plataniaksessa vai onko Platanias sinulle hyvinkin tuttu lomakohde, jossa olet vieraillut jo useampaan otteeseen? Tule kanssamme sunnuntaiaamupäivän kyläkierrokselle! Tutustu Plataniaksen tarjoamiin peruspalveluihin ja opi mistä mitäkin löytyy sekä kurkista paikallisten elämänmenoon. KYLÄKÄVELY PLATANIAKSESSA Aloitamme kierroksen kylän keskusaukiolta, josta nousemme kohti yläkylää. Nousu onkin kävelyn haastavin osio, mutta etenemme rauhalliseen tahtiin. Näköala yläkylän huipulta on ehdottomasti jokaisen hikipisaran arvoinen! Tutustuessamme kylän pääkirkon Agios Dimitriksen kirkon alapuolella olevaan tunnelimuseoon opit mielenkiintoisia yksityiskohtia kylän historiasta. Kävelykierros kestää noin kaksi tuntia ja soveltuu kaikenikäisille.

Vain laivaliput Gramvousa & Βalos 25 EUR

Lähdöt päivittäin Kissamoksen satamasta Gramvousaan ja Baloksen laguunille. Osta lippusi täältä! AIKATAULU Lähtö kello 10.45 – paluu Kissamoksen satamaan kello 17.30  Lähtö kello 12.30 – paluu Kissamoksen satamaan kello 19.30 (korkean sesongin aikana) Huomio: Aikatalu muuttuu sesongin mukaan! LAIVALIPUT ilman ruokailua Alle 2 -vuotiaat matkustavat ilmaiseksi 3-12 -vuotiaat lapset 12€ Yli 13 -vuotiaat 25€ Hinnat sisältävät verot, kaikki lailliset maksut sekä kirjoitetun retkiselostuksen. Ruoka ei sisälly hintaan.  Kissamoksen satamassa on maksuton pysäköintialue.  RETKIKUVAUS Merimatkan ensimmäinen osuus kestää  vajaan tunnin, jonka aikana ohitat suuren luolan, jonka uskotaan olleen muinainen telakka. Lahden päässä näet vaikuttavan geologisen ilmiön, sillä ajan kuluessa Kreetan länsipuoli nousee ja itäpuoli uppoaa. Tämä johtuu Afrikan mannerlaatan työntyessä Euroopan mannerlaatan alle. Kallioisella rantaviivalla erottuu selvästi entinen rannikon raja. Laivan itsepalveluravintola on avoinna koko risteilyn ajan ja tarjoaa mm. kevyitä aterioita, salaatteja, virvoitusjuomia, kahvia ja jäätelöä. Gramvousa - Merirosvojen saari Venetsialaiset rakensivat saaren korkeimmalle kohdalle (137m) kuuluisan Gramvousan linnan vuonna 1579. Linnalla oli suuri rooli alueen historiassa huikean panoraamanäkymän ja legendaaristen merirosvotarinoiden ansiosta. Gramvousan saarella kasvaa myös kolme kasvia, joita ei ole löydetty muualta maapallolta. Ylös huipulle on noin 20 minuutin kävelymatka. Muistathan ottaa tarkoitukseen sopivat kengät mukaasi. Voit myös jäädä uimaan lähelle Agioi Apostolin kappelia tai halutessasi voit pysyä laivalla. Tauko Gramvousassa kestää noin 2 tuntia, jonka jälkeen on noin 20 minuutin matka Baloksen laguuniin. Baloksen laguuni Balos on yksi Euroopan parhaista rannoista. Kaunis eksoottinen ranta, lämmin turkoosi merivesi ja vaaleanpunainen simpukakuoria täynnä oleva hiekkaranta, on ainutlaatuinen kokemus! Voit halutessasi vuokrata aurinkovarjon laivalta sekä ostaa ruokaa ja juomia koko päivän ajan. Viivymme Baloksen laguunilla noin 3 tuntia. Huomiothan, että takaisin aluksella niin Gramvousassa kuin Baloksessa tulee olla vähintään 10 minuuttia ennen aluksen lähtöä.   Muistathan, että seuraavat asiat ovat alueella kielletty: -Roskaaminen -Kivien, fossiilien, simpukankuorien, muinaisten löydösten ja kasvien keruu -Eläinten pyydystys -Leiriytyminen -Avotulen teko tai tupakoiminen lähellä pensaikkoa -Mikä tahansa ekosysteemiä vahingoittava toiminta Ennen kuin poistut laivasta Gramvousassa ja Baloksessa, varmistathan laivan tarkat lähtöajat. Voit palata laivalle milloin tahansa, mutta palaathan viimeistään 10 minuuttia ennen lähtöä.  


SEA AND SUN - FULL DAY. NEW 2021! NEW 2021! Preveli is located about 35km south of Rethymno and 10km east of Plakias. Beach of Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Phoenix, is located at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotis Gorge, where the Great River (Megas Potamos) flows. It is certainly the most famous beach in south Crete, accepting thousands of visitors every summer. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP During the 60s and 70s, it was a favorite destination for the hippies. On the banks of the Grand River there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which give the region a sense of a tropical landscape. The river, forming a small lake, 500m long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round. You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon. You can swim in the cold ponds formed in the gorge. A big fire in 2010 burnt almost everything of this paradise, but the palmgrove recovered and still remains a heaven on earth. At the exit of the river, a sandy beach with pebbles and sand is formed, with sea water being very cool due to the river. In the eastern part of the beach, there is a beautiful rock reminding of a heart. The beach is not well organized because the area is protected, without any umbrellas. You will come from the bus to Preveli by boat. Boat schedule : 11:30 Damnoni - Preveli & 15:00 Preveli - Plakia/Damnoni Please note that Rubbish disposal and taking seashells from the Beach is strictly prohibited. Kourtaliotis or “Kourtaliotiko” Gorge The Kourtaliotiko Gorge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gorges of Crete. Inside, the Kourtaliotis River flows, crossing its 2.5 km in length and its towering slopes that reach 600 meters in height. The gorge begins from the village of Koxare in the prefecture of Rethymno and reaches the lake of Preveli. Stone steps begin from the Kokaere - Asomatous road and reach the interior of the gorge, at the church of Agios Nikolaos and the springs of Kourtaliotis. The gorge is an important biotope, since rare species of birds of prey live in the caves formed on its slopes.   Indicative Time-Table 08:30-09:20 Pick-Up from Platanias/Chania Hotels 10:00-10:30 Pick-Up from Rethymno Hotels 11:00-11:15 Photoshootstop at Kourtaliotis Gorge 11:30 Arrival at Damnoni Village 11:40-12:00 Departure from Damnoni to Preveli Palm Beach 15:00-15:40 Departure from Preveli Palm Beach to Plakias / Damnoni Village (Free time) 16:30 Departure from Plakias Village 17:30-18:45 Arrival at your hotel


ULKOILU - 1/2 PÄIVÄ Opastettu kävely syrjäiselle rotkoalueelle. Kulje pitkin luonnollista rotkolaaksoa ihaillen pystysuoria kallioita, jotka ovat täynnä luolia korppikotkien lennellessä yläpuolellasi. Koe Välimeren kasvillisuus ja eläimistö upeassa ympäristössä.   RETKIKUVAUS Tapaamme Kissamoksessa ja tarjoamme kuljetuksen kävelyreitin alkupisteeseen. Rotkon läpi johtaa useimmille vaeltajille helppokulkuinen polku. Kävellessämme kuulet hieman alueen historiaa sekä perehdymme mielenkiintoisiin asioihin rotkossa ja sen ympäristössä. Aromaattiset yrtit, kuten timjami ja salvia, kasvavat ympäri vuoden täyttäen ilman tuoksuillaan. Vuohet vaeltavat vapaina rotkossa ja jos olemme onnekkaita, saatamme nähdä majesteettiset korppikotkat, jotka elävät ja pesivät korkeilla kallioilla. Rotkon kulkeminen päästä päähän kestää noin 2,5 tuntia ja saman verran takaisin. Tarvittaessa voimme myös tehdä lyhyemmän reitin, kävellä osan matkasta rotkoon ja kääntyä takaisin jo aikaisemmin. Vaelluksen päätyttyä palaamme Kissamokseen autolla.    Huom! Osallistumisen edellytyksenä on pystyä kävelemään noin 2 tuntia kivisessä maastossa.

Santorini - One day Cruise

Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. This beautiful island is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera and may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, through a gigantic tsunami. Another popular theory holds that the Thera eruption is the source of the legend of Atlantis. The major settlements include Fira (Phira), Oia, Kamari, Perissa, Imerovigli, Pyrgos, and Therasia. During our visit you have the opportunity to see nearly all of them. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP  Santorini - One Day Cruise Early departure with the bus from Chania towards the city of Rethymno.About 1 hour drive. Upon arrival at the port of Rethymno you will have to show your ID cards or Passports in order to enter the speed boat. Departure time: 08:00 Arrival about 10:30 a.m at Santorini. The tours on Santorini will take place in the following languages: English-French- German-Italian- Russian-Polish. (Czech and Hungarian depending on demand).Our guides will assist travelers to board on their bus and during the ride they will provide them information regarding the culture and the history of the island.  1st stop on Oia. The travelers will spend some free time and will enjoy the unique view.(1,5 hours )  2 st stop: Fira. The travelers will explore the picturesque alleys, shop or they will simply gaze over the view and the magnificent cliffs of the Caldera.( 2hours) After having completed their visit in Fira , our guests have 2 hours free time to choose between the following options : Α. Fira. The travelers can either remain in the beautiful capital of the island. (We recommend) Β. Beach of Perissa and Perivolos. They may enjoy the swimming in the magnificent black beach of Perissa. For their convenience, we have selected several local restaurants/bars where they can get a 10% discount on the menu prices for main dishes and drinks. C. Volcano tour. Traditional Aegean- style small boats will take them to the volcano site (extra charge 15€) Departure time from Santorini: 17:30 . Arrival in Chania area about 22:00  

Karavitakis Winery Wine Tasting

PRIVATE TRANSFER & GUIDED TOUR - HALF DAY Sophisticated Karvitakis winery, surrounded by 150 acres of vineyards in Pontikiana village on the hilltops of Kolimbari area, provides a beautiful environment for a fabulous wine tasting experience. Karavitakis winery is producing wines from local and international grape varieties but also experimenting with more rare varieties from all around the world. Details of your trip The roots of wine production are very deep in Crete. The Cretan soil together with the sun and the right temperature creates the unique taste for Cretan wines. Wine has always been an important part of Crete and nowadays the more developed wine producing methods have raised the quality and respect of the Cretan wines among the wine lovers. Included in the trip is the two way transfer to Karavitakis Winery and one guided tour. The transfer driver will pick you up at your accommodation and after approx 30 min you will arrive at the winery. At this point you will decide with the driver the time he will return to pick you up. The tour and tasting takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The guided tours start at 11.00, 13.00, and 15.00. After the tastings you will be seated in the beautiful atmosphere of the winery to enjoy their fine wines.  Some of Karavitakis wines are: Kotsifali Merlot, Klima White, Elia Blend. The winery is open every day except Sundays from 10.00 to 18.30. Included in the wintasting price is: A guided tour around winery’s facilities Explanation of the wine making procedure Wine tasting of our wines accompanied with Cheese bites, Cretan rusks and homemade olives. Notice: Prices valid for departure from Platanias & Chania region

Auringonlaskun Elafonissi

AURINKO JA MERI -  ILTAPÄIVÄ/ILTA-AIKAAN Koe yksi saaren rakastetuimmista rannoista, Elafonissi! Täydellinen sinulle, joka haluat nukkua pidempään aamulla... Lähde mukaan iltapäiväretkelle Kreetan kauneimmalle rannalle ja lopeta päiväsi upeaan auringonlaskuun!     RETKIKUVAUS Matka Elafonissiin alkaa hieman puolenpäivän jälkeen, noin klo 13. Opas antaa sinulle kaikki tarvittavat tiedot retken kulusta bussissa englanniksi ja tarvittatessa saksaksi ja kreikasi. Saavumme Elafonissiin noin klo 15 ja viivymme rannalla klo 19 asti. (Syys-lokakuussa ajat hieman muuttuvat, sillä auringonlasku on aikaisemmin.)  Paluumatkalla länsirannikon kautta pysähdymme illalliselle Amygdalokefaliin ravintolaan, josta avautuu sijaintinsa ansiosta ehkäpä alueen kaunein auringonlasku. Näkymä merelle on henkeäsalpaavan kaunis ja hyvin romanttinen. Paluu Haniaan on noin klo 22:00 mennessä. Retki soveltuu erityisesti aamuunisille, jotka kulkevat mielummin pienemmän ryhmän mukana. Ryhmän koosta johtuen pysähdyksiä mennen tullen on vähemmän ja matka sujuu nopeammin. Myöhemmin iltapäivällä ja illalla Elafonissin rannalla on myös huomattavasti vähemmän muita ja tunnelma rauhallisempi. Upea auringonlasku on varmasti yksi loman ikimuistoisimpia  

Sea Kayak along the peninsula West Cost

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - 1/2 DAY. Discover the peninsula of Rodopo in West Crete on a  sit-on-top kayak. You will go exploring along one of the fingers in West Crete, to find remote coves, navigate through shallow rocks, admire the rugged landscape, be awed by the vertical cliffs, jump in to relax with a snorkel.  Details of your trip After your pick up from your accommodation the transfer takes you to Afrata or Ravdoucha, depending on the wind. From her you launch off and will be introduced of the kayak from Manu or Fiona.  You will then navigate around the shallow reef and go along the coast on Kayak sit-on-tops. An adventure on the edge between the elements, where sea, sky and land all meet. Kayaking time: 2 hours Total time: 4 hours Kayak Distance: < 10Km Difficulty: for everyone This activity is weather dependent. We have two options for starting points, on either side of the peninsula, chosen depending on the winds. Notice! You need to be able to paddle for  a couple of hours