Ferry tickets to Balos Beach 25 EUR

The ship departs everyday from the port of Kissamos for Gramvousa and Balos lagoon. Departure time 10.40 - returns to port at 17.45 and 12.30 - returns at 19.30. Buy your ticket here!


Departure 10.45 – return to the port at 17.30 &
Departure 12.30 – return to the port at 19.30 (during high season)
Attention: The timetable changes according the season.

TICKET PRICES without meals

Passengers up to 2 years old travel for free.
Passengers between the age of 3 and 12 pay 12€.
Passengers over 13 years old pay 25€.
The above-mentioned prices (no meals) include VAT, all legal charges, and a written guided tour in your language.


You may purchase your tickets at the port of Kissamos (Kavonisi), in front of the boats.
Port of Kissamos: Latitude: 35.516666 Longitude:23.649947


There is a free parking area at the port of Kissamos.

 Details of your trip

The ferry leaves from the port of Kissamos and sails in the bay for an hour, after a while you will see a large cave known to be an ancient shipyard. At the end of the bay you will see an impressive geological phenomenon, over time Crete’s west side is rising and the eastern side is sinking. This is happening because of the movement of the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian plate. You can see the ancient coastline along the rocky shore.

The self-service bar stays open throughout the whole cruise, offering light meals, salads, soft drinks, coffee, ice creams and more.

Gramvousa - The island of Pirates

The highest point of the island is 137 meters, here you find the famous castle of Gramvousa that was built by the Venetians in 1579. The castle played a huge role in the history of the area because of the panoramic view and the legends about a hidden pirate treasure. You need to hike up for about 20 min to reach the top. Please remember to wear good comfortable shoes. You can also have a swim near the chapel of Agioi Apostoli or you can choose to stay on the ship. Another fun fact is that Gramvousa island has three plants that havent been found anywhere else on earth. The boat stays here for around 2 hours. The trip to Balos Lagoon from here is about 20 min.

Balos Lagoon


Balos is mentioned as one of the best beaches in Europe. A beautiful exotic beach with warm turquoise water and a pink sandy beach full of shells. It’s a true beauty! If you are in need of a sun umbrella you can rent it from the ship or you can buy food or beverages at any time. We will stay at this magical beach for about 3 hours. Note that you have to be back on the ship both at Gramvousa and Balos at least 10 minutes before the ship departures.

The Following things are prohibited:

-Any kind of pollution

-To collect rocks, fossils, shells, ancient finds and plants

-Animal catching 


-To start a fire or smoking near bushes 

-Any activity that might threaten the ecosystem

Before disembarking in Gramvousa and Balos, please obtain information regarding the exact times of departure of the ship.

Both in Gramvousa and Balos, you may return to the ship at any time, but make sure you are back at least 10 minutes before departure.



Boat Ticket

Not included:

Onboard Meals
Umbrella, for rent  at a daily fee of 4€.  
The Municipality of Kissamos collects 1€ from every ticket (paid in cash), as an administrative fee for passengers over 13 years


Pick up ticket at the Ferry Office in  Kissamis/Kastellis Harbour. Show your ticket from us.


Good shoes and slippers
Swim clothes
Sun creme
Nausea pills for sensitive


Crystal clear waters
Exotic Beach
Beutiful Scenery
Boat Cruise
Castle of Gramvousa


Reservations must be made no later 24 hours prior to departure. Any cancellation must be made 24 hours prior trip. In case of late cancellations, no refund will be made.

If a trip is cancelled due to insufficient participants or adverse weather conditions, we will refund 100% of made payments. 

Important! In case of any changes in the excursion program Destination Platanias will send you a sms. Please make sure your phone is on and charged.

For more information, please read Terms & condition.

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