Boat Trips

Greece is famous for its crystal clear waters and many hidden beaches. We have tours for just a few hours to a one day cruise to romantic Santorini. Visit one of Crete’s top beaches Balos by boat, a beautiful day tour perfect for the whole family, very child friendly. Join a half day boat trip and dive right in from the boat, snorkel and discover what's underneath the water surface. Kids' favourite! The boat departs from Platanias harbour. Another favourite is Magical Menies, a beautiful beach best reached by boat.

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Western Crete's best boat trips

Glasbottom Boat Trip - 2 hours

BOAT TRIP AND SEA & SUN - 2 hours Discover what's underneath the surface of the sea from above! Join the Glass bottom boat trip!   DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP  Take a few hours break from the beach and join a glass bottom boat trip. A perfect excursion for all of the family, even the smallest children will enjoy this trip. This tour will make shorter stops for swimming it's just a joyful ride to see the beautiful cost of Platanias and all the magic that hides underneath the surface of the mediterranean sea. Sit back and relax and see the beautiful scenery. Captain Argiris and his well experienced team will share with passion and love their knowledge about the sea and the treasures it holds. Discover the fish and wildlife underneath the surface without even getting wet. If you are looking for an easy going activity this is perfect for You! Notice:  If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get 100% refund on your payment.

Boat Tour - Platanias 3h - 25 EUR

SEA AND SUN - 1/2 DAY  Make sure you join up Captain Argiris and his crew for a 3 hour boat trip. Discover Platanias seaside with snorkeling and swimming, learn a few things from the crew and see some history that's hidden on the seabed…  Details of your trip You will be greeted by the Captain and his friendly crew at the small harbour of Platanias. Life jackets are available for anyone who would like. The boat will head out to the island of Agios Theodori and if the weather allows they will take you around the hole island. Then it's time for the first stop, go for swimming and snorkeling just by the shore of the island and from here you might see the famous Kri Kri goats. The amazing service minded team of the boat will take good care of you and show you some hidden treasures of the sea, share some of their knowledge of the wildlife and show them to you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, they are more then happy to answer you. The boat will continue a bit further down and make another stop and here you can see a old war plane that crashed during the world war II. During the ride home to the harbour you will have the view of the busy coastline of Platanias. This trip has been very loved by its visitors and many choose to do it one more time at their next visit to Platanias. Notice:  If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be cancelled and you will get 100% refund on your payment.


BALOS LAGOON Cruise - FULL DAY - WITH TRANSFER One of Crete’s top beaches! Visit one of Europe's most beautiful beaches, Balos Lagoon with crystal clear waters and white sand, with a stop at the Gramvousa island. A wonderful boat cruise with all the comforts on board.  Details of your trip Your day starts with being picked up from your hotel or at one of the specific pick up points.On the bus the guide is going to give you all the necessary information about the cruise.The ferry is waiting for you when you arrive at the port of Kissamos, Kastelli. You only pay 27 euros now at the booking point as a deposit and the remaining 18 euros during the excursion. The guide will collect the money for the boat tickets from you so you can skip the lines at the ticket offices. Before boarding the ship, passengers over the age of 13 pay € 1 in addition to the ticket price, as a reciprocal fee for a visit to the Balos Lagoon. About 10:20 you will set off for the island of Gramvousa which takes approximately 45 minutes. On the ferry there is a kitchen with self service dishes, meals and snacks. You can sit back on a deck chair or in the lounge. Once you arrive at the island of Gramvousa you can either have a swim or you can take a hike to the top of the island to the Venetian fortress. Here you have 2,5 hours before the ferry continues to the lagoon of Balos which is 20 minutes from there. As soon as you arrive at the lagoon you will have about 3 hours there to enjoy. You may at any time go back to the boat for food or also hire umbrellas if the heat is too intense. After swimming and relaxing at the lagoon, the boat will take you straight back to the port of Kissamos. This is a great photo opportunity as the sun will be behind you as you look out on the scenery of the island. At 18:00 the ferry is arriving at the port, return time in Chania is approximately: 19.00. Notice! To see the Gramvousa fortress you need to walk uphill a couple of hundred of meters to reach the top of the island. Children ticket is from 3 y/o-12y/o.

Boat Trip To Magical Menies Beach 27.50 EUR

BOAT CRUISE & SEA AND SUN - 1/2 DAY. Menies is a secluded beach many kilometers from the nearest village, untouched by man. On our way to this paradise we will stop at caves for you to explore and to swim in crystal clear waters. We welcome you to a 4 hour boat trip to enjoy the sea and the sun! Transfer Included!  Boattrip to magical Menies We start our adventure from the harbour of Kolympari taking you to the beautiful beach of Menies also known as Diktyna located on the northeastern shores of Cape Rodopos. The beach is in a small bay where the Foundas Gorge ends. It's a lovely secluded beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters, the usual winds blowing in the area doesn't reach this paradise.The wild beauty will win you over for sure!  On our way to the beach we will make a stop at caves giving you the chance to swim and explore the shores of this charming area. We will guide you to places of historical and geographical importance of Crete, we will for example show you the monastery of St. George, dating from 530 BC, and the remains of the ancient port.  Menies beach is several kilometers away from the nearest village and it has not been altered by man in any shape or form. It is a virgin landscape that awaits you! A perfect place to swim and relax in the company of the amazing nature of Crete. Boat leavs harbor at  time: 10:15 Return time: 14:15 Duration: 4 hours Notice: If weather conditions are very bad, the trip will be rearranged. If it's cancelled, you will get a 100% refund on your payment.

Ferry tickets to Balos Beach 25 EUR

The ship departs everyday from the port of Kissamos for Gramvousa and Balos lagoon. STEP 1:  Buy fast and smoothly your voucher here! STEP 2 : GET YOUR BOAT TICKET AT THE TICKETING OFFICES! SHOW YOUR VOUCHER FROM DESTINATION PLATANIAS TO THE TICKET BOX OF GRAMVOUSA BALOS CRUISES. Please be at port at leats 30 to 40 minuite prios departure!!! (You may purchase your tickets at the port of Kissamos (Kavonisi), in front of the boats. Port of Kissamos: Latitude: 35.516666 Longitude:23.649947 ) STEP 3:  GO IN BOARD THE CRUISE / FERRY - ENJOY THE DAY! TIMETABLE  Departure 10.45 – return to the port at 18.00  Attention: The timetable changes according the season. TICKET PRICES without meals Passengers up to 2 years old travel for free. Passengers between the age of 3 and 12 pay 12€. Passengers over 13 years old pay 25€. The above-mentioned prices (no meals) include VAT, all legal charges, and a written guided tour in your language. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW There is a free parking area at the port of Kissamos.  Details of your trip The ferry leaves from the port of Kissamos and sails in the bay for an hour, after a while you will see a large cave known to be an ancient shipyard. At the end of the bay you will see an impressive geological phenomenon, over time Crete’s west side is rising and the eastern side is sinking. This is happening because of the movement of the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian plate. You can see the ancient coastline along the rocky shore. The self-service bar stays open throughout the whole cruise, offering light meals, salads, soft drinks, coffee, ice creams and more. Gramvousa - The island of Pirates, Stop for 1 1/2 hour.   The highest point of the island is 137 meters, here you find the famous castle of Gramvousa that was built by the Venetians in 1579. The castle played a huge role in the history of the area because of the panoramic view and the legends about a hidden pirate treasure. You need to hike up for about 20 min to reach the top. Please remember to wear good comfortable shoes. You can also have a swim near the chapel of Agioi Apostoli or you can choose to stay on the ship. Another fun fact is that Gramvousa island has three plants that havent been found anywhere else on earth. The boat stays here for around 2 hours. The trip to Balos Lagoon from here is about 20 min. Balos Lagoon, Stop for 3 hours   Balos is mentioned as one of the best beaches in Europe. A beautiful exotic beach with warm turquoise water and a pink sandy beach full of shells. It’s a true beauty! If you are in need of a sun umbrella you can rent it from the ship or you can buy food or beverages at any time. We will stay at this magical beach for about 3 hours. Note that you have to be back on the ship both at Gramvousa and Balos at least 10 minutes before the ship departures. The Following things are prohibited: -Any kind of pollution -To collect rocks, fossils, shells, ancient finds and plants -Animal catching  -Camping -To start a fire or smoking near bushes  -Any activity that might threaten the ecosystem Before disembarking in Gramvousa and Balos, please obtain information regarding the exact times of departure of the ship. Both in Gramvousa and Balos, you may return to the ship at any time, but make sure you are back at least 10 minutes before departure.  

Santorini - One day Cruise

Santorini is an island in the southern Aegean Sea. This beautiful island is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera and may have led indirectly to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, through a gigantic tsunami. Another popular theory holds that the Thera eruption is the source of the legend of Atlantis. The major settlements include Fira (Phira), Oia, Kamari, Perissa, Imerovigli, Pyrgos, and Therasia. During our visit you have the opportunity to see nearly all of them. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP  Santorini - One Day Cruise Early departure with the bus from Chania towards the city of Rethymno.About 1 hour drive. Upon arrival at the port of Rethymno you will have to show your ID cards or Passports in order to enter the speed boat. Departure time: 08:00 Arrival about 10:30 a.m at Santorini. The tours on Santorini will take place in the following languages: English-French- German-Italian- Russian-Polish. (Czech and Hungarian depending on demand).Our guides will assist travelers to board on their bus and during the ride they will provide them information regarding the culture and the history of the island.  1st stop on Oia. The travelers will spend some free time and will enjoy the unique view.(1,5 hours )  2 st stop: Fira. The travelers will explore the picturesque alleys, shop or they will simply gaze over the view and the magnificent cliffs of the Caldera.( 2hours) After having completed their visit in Fira , our guests have 2 hours free time to choose between the following options : Α. Fira. The travelers can either remain in the beautiful capital of the island. (We recommend) Β. Beach of Perissa and Perivolos. They may enjoy the swimming in the magnificent black beach of Perissa. For their convenience, we have selected several local restaurants/bars where they can get a 10% discount on the menu prices for main dishes and drinks. C. Volcano tour. Traditional Aegean- style small boats will take them to the volcano site (extra charge 15€) Departure time from Santorini: 17:30 . Arrival in Chania area about 22:00