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Marriage is a special bond shared between two people. A marriage consists of many memories, emotions and challenges, laughs and tears. It's so important to show each other your love and appreciation.  

Make the special person you share your life with to feel loved and respected by arranging a memorable evening for just the two of you. If you are travelling with a bigger company wouldn't it be wonderful to dedicate this exceptional evening to your loved one and share it with everybody?



Your 15th anniversary marks yet another milestone in your journey through life together. It might be overshadowed by bigger wedding anniversaries but it’s not less important!

Porcelaine-20th ANNIVERSARY

Two whole decades together of marriage is a big milestone, your 20th anniversary is a year for looking back and for looking forward.


Each anniversary is a day for celebration. Tree symbolizes the strength of your marriage bond. Wood is strong and long-lasting meaning a good solid relationship.  


You've been married for a decade, congratulations! Show how grateful and thankful you are for each other. Tin as a material that stands for durability and flexibility, two qualities that are needed in a long lasting love union.


25 years  is considered a major milestone in a marriage. Congratulations to you for being together a quarter of decade! It is a testament of your love and devotion to each other.  


30 Years in Love


30 years have come and gone but your love still burns brightly. Chances are the children are all grown up and you might be grandparents. The memories that you have shared are priceless.


For centuries, diamonds have been used to symbolize a couples love and a wedding tradition. Your marriage is entirely unique and after 60 years you show that this is now a diamond that lasts forever.


50 years of marriage. This is a milestone that every married couple strives for. We congratulate each and every couple that reaches this milestone. Couples that has been together for 50 years is most likely not interested in material things. Instead a special dinner or simply a day together will be much more appreciated.  


WOW - together 40 years! You have defied the odds and you deserve to celebrate your Ruby Anniversary. This is a great time to sit back and reflect on the time you have spent together, the accomplishments you have achieved and the happiness you have shared with each other.  

celebrate at sea!


on a

Boat Trip

Invite friends and family to a unforgettable day at the sea. You can either join a boat trip of ours and just book directly online. If you prefer privacy and something more exclusive you can rent a boat just for you and your company. Perfect if you are a bigger group to make something really memorable together.  Imagine crystal clear waters, sun and relax at the deck with 30 degrees heat...

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