Have you ever dreamed about a wedding in our beautiful island of Crete?

We can help you! 

Destination Platanias has had in recent years the opportunity to organise several weddings and other events in Platanias. We focus fully on supporting our village and cooperate only with local family businesses. 

Beach Ceremony 

On the beautiful beach of Platanias, we will set up a wedding scene where you, with the help of our fantastic team, will embrace your love at the sunset in a fairytale ceremony.

The ceremony set consists of an arch decorated with flowers, speech master, chairs, music and prosecco after the ceremony. Together we can create your dream wedding upon your whishes.

Traditional Ceremony

Our traditional ceremony has been inspired by the local Cretan wedding culture. Drakiana Park in a colorful orangevalley, only five minuites from Platanias, offers great surroundings to create an authentic atmosphere. 

The ceremony set consists of live musicians bringing the bride to the ceremony, an arch decorated with flowers, speech master, chairs, music and prosecco after the ceremony. Together we can create your dream wedding upon your whishes. 

Wedding dinner 

The wedding dinner will be organised with our cooperators in Platanias. We will present to you menu with local Cretan products as well as wines. Tell us your wishes regarding the menu and we will find the correct choices. According to the theme you have chosen we will take care of decorating the tables, areas around and romantic lightning. 

The evening can include Dj and local musicians with a Cretan dance show where you have a chance to learn the famous Greek Zorba dance as well.

We are here to provide different options for you to make your wedding evening unforgettable.

Dinner decoration

Destination Platanias will help you to decorate your wedding dinner table. With our experience and knowledge, we will create a concept with true harmony.

Would you prefer traditional Greek blue colors, classic white and olive green or colorful summer flowers? All the concepts will be presented to you and your partner in good time for you to make the final decision.


It’s the vicar of the Swedish Church of Athens who wed the couples here in Chania.

The dates and times for the wedding ceremonies are limited and it is recommended that you book as early as possible. When the vicar lives and works in Athens, his weddings here in Crete are limited and it is not possible to have requests for dates other than those already marked in the wedding calendar.