Happy Birthday

Birthdays in Platanias

Requests of arranging birthdays is something we often get, many want to celebrate someone during their holidays. Destination Platanias are now arranging and organizing these birthdays in many different ways.

In communication with you, we will create a whole day or evening so you and your travel companies will have a great time and many new memories to bring home with you. We recommend you to contact us as early as you can so we have plenty of time making sure all details and request will be to your satisfaction.

In Cosy Greek Atmosphere

The Cool 30!

Is it your 30th birthday or somebody you keep close to your heart?   Fantastic! We will help you with the celebrations.

The Beautiful 40!

Having your 40’s party on Crete?  Whether you are only two persons or a big company we can arrange a wonderful evening for you.

The Fabulous 50!

Are you escaping the 50 celebrations at home? But you want to celebrate it here on Crete with your family. Let's arrange a really festive dinner in one of our finest and oldest restaurant in ...

Beautiful Decoration

The Happy 60!

Let's make an authentic greek birthday party for you! We will book a table at a restaurant that is situated right on the beachfront of Platanias. 

The Graceful 70!

Turning 70 is definitely something to celebrate! Many of our guest often come with their whole family for this occasion. Both children and grandchildren, we can help you arrange a memorable eveni...