Along the main street of Platanias you’ll find all kinds of shops and services. Platanais may not be a very big village but it has turned into a cosmopolitan. The main street is full of life, with cafes, bars, shops, beauty parlors, supermarkets, jewelry shops, souvenirs and much, much more…Find entertainment and a shopping paradise along the busy street of Platanias.

We support local family business!

DRESSVØICE - Your Voice!

DRESSVØICE, is here to help women highlight their natural beauty and embrace their true selves! Our vision is to create a world where women feel free to be themselves! Embrace and love th...

Chora Jewellery and Mythos Ceramics

CHORA Jewellery & MYTHOS Ceramics Take your very own greek "Heart" home with you after a lovely holiday in Platanias. MYTHOS Ceramic Gallery & CHORA Jewellery sh...

Cafe Cafe Platanias - COCKTAIL AND GIN BAR

Cafe Cafe Platanias - GIN BAR One of the bars that stand out in the centre of Platanias is Cafe Cafe - Cocktail and Gin Bar. Jannis and Fillipos welcomes you every day with their great service a...

To Rodi - Silver, Watches & Accessories

For more than 30 years, "To Rodi" has been the favorite store for guests looking for high-quality handmade silver jewelry. You will find some amazing works, of course inspired by the Cr...

Social Cocktail Bar - Platanias

Social Cocktail Bar - Platanias With a view over Platanias square you can enjoy a fabulous cocktail at Social Cocktail Bar from noon to late night every day! The location makes you feel a mix of ...

Anatomic Steps - New Location!

Anatomic Steps has found a new place right in the center of Platanias. Visit Akis and Anna and they will help you find good, comfortable slippers, sandals and shoes for men and women. Their profession is Anatomic Steps and have many years of returning customers to their store for the good quality of the shoes they offer. They welcome you daily, form morning to late evening.

Double Cafe Bar & More

Double Cafe Bar & More in the center of Platanias and open all day long. Enjoy smooth and fresh cocktails in a cosmopolitan atmosphere! You will find great variety of cold and warm drinks, sweet desserts, ice cream, salty snacks and much more. With its beautiful colorful design, comfortable chairs and the central location at our main street, Double Cafe Bar is the perfect choise to start your evening. Or why not to start your morning with a delicious brekfast, either continental or Greek...

Las Americas

Las Americas is the place to be for any type of sport event! With the biggest screens in all of Platanias, 3 screens showing sports from around the world. All games are shown with commentators in your language. We are a beerhouse offering 5 different draft beers and we have 50 labels of whisky to choose from. Two times a week there's live music with all time classics in English, Norwegian and Swedish.

MaryEllen Hairmakers

Our philosophy at MaryEllen Hairmakers is “With great care comes great hair”. Our team knows that not all hair is the same or have the same needs. That is why we treat every customer’s hair differently concerning what they want from their hair and taking into consideration that the quality of their hair is above everything else.

Mix'n Match - Interior Boutique

Mix'n Match - Interior Boutique Visit the little interior boutique Mix'n Match in the centre of Platanias, just across the street to Double Cafe and Bar. Here Mrs Tasoulla will assist you with her sympathetic way showing her special collections of porcelaine and greek ceramics.    Popular items you can find are small and big bowls for salads, plates for your week ends dinner events and many other well designed items for your home. Open daily 09.00 to 23.00

MR CELLAR - Liquor Store

MR CELLAR - Liquor Store Mr.Cellar shop is a spirit lover's dream, filled with delicious whiskies, fine spirits and luxury champagnes. In the heart of Platanias center you can find the liquor store Mr Cellar. Here you can find a splendid and hugh sortiment of various spirits as simplest brands to the strongest and rare (jamazaki Japan whiskey, scapa scotish whiskey etc.). The varieties in drinks vodka, gin, whiskey, beer but mainly in wines are amazing.  We recommend: Champagne. Since 1743, Moët Impérial Brut is one of the most beloved champagnes in the world. Lively, rich and seductive, a light fruity sensation emerges, with aromatic notes of pear, peach and citrus. Votanikon, Greek Gin, is an excellent premium distilled gin, dry with a strong Greek aroma due to the herbs used in its production. Ciroc vodka is the first and only vodka in the world made exclusively from grapes. Produced in France and considered vodka champagne, ideal for martini. Avantes. A pleasant surprise from the Greek distillery Avantes. A Greek Gin! Aromas of the Greek land with juniper, kritamo, myrtle blossoms and schinos predominating. Its taste is crystalline, solid, full, with intense purity in a unique marriage of fresh citrus and orange blossoms with other herbs. Long lasting aftertaste with peppery notes. The flagship of Teeling Whiskey. A delicious mix of small batches with a very high malt content. It is quite interesting that it has matured in a barrel of rum for an additional spice. Aberfeldy is Dewar’s flagship distillery and opened in 1898 in the Highlands. It produces only two single malts whiskey which stand out for the intensely aromatic profile of honey and flowers. Don Julia 1942. An extremely smooth and incredibly complex tequila that has matured for at least 30 months in American oak, with notes of tropical fruits, agave, coconut and spices. Cognac Metaxa 12 is a mature distillate, with a velvety and full flavor. Amber, with a strong aromatic character of oak wood, vanilla, dried fruits and tobacco.


Did your glasses break, loose them in the waves? My Optics in Platanias are here to save the day! An optic shop with only high quality products and fast service. Pick between well known brand of sunglasses, buy your contact lenses or why not to have an eye test.

PLUS - Rock N Rose Bar

Hang out in the amazing and well decorated PLUS - Rock N Rose Bar for a drink, cocktail and of course for some ice cream and delicious sweets. You will find the bar in the center of the villlage, close by the road that takes you up to the old village of Platanias. Opening every day from morning to night. Athina, Dimitra and Vaggelis welcomes you!


Find Us at Platanias Square!

Sonio Beach


Open from early morning until late night to give you the very best service. We offer local and imported products, food & beverages, touristic items such as flip flops, hats, sunscreen and much more. Freshly baked bread is available every day.

NEW! We can from this season offer Gluten Free bread.

  • Where: On Platanias mainroad, on the westside of the village.
  • Open: Daily from 08.00-24.00




A large Supermarket for all of your needs. Their wide selection of greek wines, fruit, bread, food, beverages and popular touristic products makes Mylos Supermarket one of the areas most popular shops.

They have just about everything you need for the beach, also newspapers, books, souvenirs, fun lilos and toys for the children and much more.

  • Where: 300 meters west of square, across Mylos tou Keratas restaurant
  • Open: Daily from 08.00 - 24.00
  • Note: They have Scandinavian Products


Elena Hair Studio

Looking for a haircut?

From simple haircuts to more advanced hair treatments, Elena welcomes everyone Men, Women and Children. At Elena’s you will be taken care of in the best possible way, with cretan hospitality.

Book your appointment by phone or drop by. Welcome!

  • Where: Take a turn up the narrow street just before Platanias gas station.
  • Open: Daily, except Sundays. Mon-Sat from 09.30-13.30 and Tue,Thurs, Friday from 18.00-21.00

 +30 28210 60676


Mathioulaki Family at Platanias square

The family Mathioulaki has for generations been owners of the main bakery of Platanias. Every day with passion their bakery son Dimitris produce delicious bread filled with Cretan secrets. Try out their white 1/2 kilo bread or their tasteful dark bread. Mathiuolakis bakery offers every day a big variety of fresh baked cheese pies, croissants, baguettes, sweets as donuts, cookies and famous greek desserts Kadaiffi or Galaktobureko. You can also order your coffee here and buy some products in their supermarket further inside the bakery.

  • Where: At the square of Platanias
  • Open: Every day from 07.00-24.00
  • Note: Perfect breakfast stop!



Marakis Supermarket

Greek name "Bakaliko"

This small supermarket “bakaliko” is well visited both by locals and summer guests.  Marakis supermarket is the oldest in the village, right in the center of Platanias. Here you will always find fresh vegetables from the village and the island. Thrassivoulus and Maria are here every day from morning to evening, making sure you will find the Cretan treasures as Feta Cheese, Graviera cheese, Athotiro cheese, olives per kilo, Cretan wine, Raki and much more. They welcome you with open arms!

  • Where: At Platanias square
  • Open: Daily from early morning to late night
  • Note:Traditional supermarket



English speaking

Our shop provides you with veterinary medicinal products, with a stock of all pharmaceutical forms available (for dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents and productive animals) a great variety of food to cover the needs of your beloved pets, health and beauty products, accessories as well as services such as advice on training and grooming your pet. Apart from all this, you can buy the pet you consider ideal from our shop or order through our catalogues the pet – of the species and the age- you wish.

  • Where: In Gerani Village, Platanias
  • Open: Daily from 8:30-14:30 and 17:30-20:30 (except Wednesday and Saturday afternoon).
  • Note: English speaking