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Looking for a more genuine experience? Crete is full of places to visit and if you are interested in seeing and experiencing a different side of Crete we have gathered a few “Go Local” activities for you. Get new impressions whilst discovering the true Crete, whether you have been to Crete many times or this is your first time, this is something for you!

Get to know the locals and make new friends, see Crete through their eyes and listen to their stories. Feel the Cretan hospitality and spend your time with the locals. Chances are you are making a new good friend! They will show you things from their point of view and places you probably wouldn't have discovered without them.

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Anoskeli Olive Oil & Wine Tasting with Add Ons

Come and enjoy a tour and tasting at an authentic Cretan Olive Oil fabric and their Winery Production. During the tour you will have a chance to attend the presentation and to hear about the oliveoil and wine making process.  Details of your trip Visit Anoskeli olive oil mill and winery in a rural area of Western Crete and join a fully guided tour by specialized staff to get a first-hand experience of olive oil production and winemaking. Taste the products with excellent quality of this family-run business which values the traditions and supports the local society. The company combines the ancient traditions of olive and grape growing with modern knowledge and techniques to return hope and pride to a village that is no longer left behind. The village name, Anoskeli, travels the world on the company’s extra virgin olive oil bottles. In the family owned linear vineyards, found at an altitude of 250 meters, white (Vilana, Vidiano and Asyrtiko) and red (Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache Rouge) varieties are cultivated. Production is of low yield while the vine harvesting is done manually. The wine making process is conducted under controlled temperatures in the fully equipped privately-owned winery of the company. Price for oliveoil with wintasting of five wines: 5€/persons Mix and match your own excursion!  Check out our Add Ons, choose either before or after your visit to Charma to do something else. Create your own personal local activity agenda, tailor made to meet your personal interests and preferences. Let our private driver take you to experience just a little bit more of Crete from a local point of view, explore a few new gems you might not have found without us… -Stop for 1 1/2 hour for a Village Lunch  -Cafe in a small local village 30 min -Monastery of Kolimbari for 1 hour -Swim at Afrata Beach for 1 1/2 hours You can book the Add Ons when you proceed to the reservation of the activity.

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Charma Beer Brewery Tour - Private Trip with Add Ons

Taste the first fresh local beer in Chania! The Harma Brewery is located in Zounaki village, in the municipality of Platanias, a short drive from Platanias village. The beer production at Harma is aiming to pure and natural beer with excellent flavor and aroma along with a high nutrition value.  It’s not a surprise that Harma beer has become one of the favorite beers among the Cretans as well as the visitors!  Details of your trip Guided tour, from Monday to Sunday between 11:00 and 18:00. Visit Charma brewery and get to know the brewing process, first-hand, while watching brewers doing their magic. Get the chance to smell the aromas and feel the beer ingredients in your hand; learn all about the flavors you will discover in different beer styles. Accompany your tour and beer tasting with local Cretan meze prepared with fresh ingredients from the area.   Mix and match your own excursion!  Check out our Add Ons, choose either before or after your visit to Charma to do something else. Create your own personal local activity agenda, tailor made to meet your personal interests and preferences. Let our private driver take you to experience just a little bit more of Crete from a local point of view, explore a few new gems you might not have found without us… -Stop for 1 1/2 hour for a Village Lunch  -Cafe in a small local village 30 min -Monastery of Kolimbari, 1 hour -Swim at Afrata Beach for 1 1/2 hours You can book the Add Ons when you proceed to the reservation of the activity.

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BOTANICAL PARK-Private Trip with Add Ons

BOTANICAL PARK On the slopes of the White Mountains, next to the village of Skordalou, an incredible Botanical Park is spread out with full of the most exciting plants from all over the world. Wander the paths of the park and get fascinated by the beauty of nature. Meet the animals living by the small pond and enjoy a cup of mountain tea or a delicious meal prepared a Cretan way from local ingredients. The botanical gardens formation and the areas microclimate makes it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals! In this paradise you will also see a burnt 100 year old olive tree, a memorial from the fires in 2003, it tells the history and the origin of the park. It was founded by four brothers who had a dream and wanted to share with us what they believe is heaven on earth. In the park restaurant you will enjoy the meal you have cooked just by yourself !!!  Details of your trip

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LOCAL EXPERIENCE - 1/2 DAY NEW 2021!    NEW 2021!   NEW 2021! Botanical Gardens  Nearly 20 hectares of land are waiting to welcome you to the Botanical Park, full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a park different from others, where the land’s formation and the region’s microclimate make it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals! In the midst of this colorful and vivid landscape stands a burnt centennial olive tree, a memorial and a reference to the dismal fires of 2003, the park’s history and origin. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to walk around the park or to have coffee and admire the magical view. The Cretan Evening Dinner will be served at 19:00 consisting of a Buffet of Authentic Cretan Cuisine allowing you to take part in an amazing journey of flavors. After the traditional Cretan dinner with a variety of main traditional dishes, follows a presentation of Cretan traditional musical instruments which still exist in the Cretan musical paths. Note that the Cretan Music is considered as the only type of music throughout Greece that remains alive and still continues to evolve from the years when Crete belonged to the Byzantine Empire from the years 1000 AD. Demonstration/presentation of traditional dances such as sirtaki, sousta, maleviziotis, pentozali etc will be given by experienced Cretan dancers. Feel free to join the dance and get taught by the professionals who will be happy and proud to show you at any time. Indicative Time-Table 16.15-17.20 Pick up 18.00 Arrival at Botanical Park. Either visit the park or stay at the restaurant and enjoy the view 19.00 Dinner – buffet style After dinner Cretan dancing show 22.00 Departure from Botanical Park 22.30-23.00 Arrival at your Hotel

Safari Tour 1 - The White Mountains 85 EUR

LOCAL EXPERIENCE - ADVENTURE - FULL DAY. Combine a unique guided Jeep tour in White Mountains of Crete with panoramic views,  traditional Cretan villages, learn  the history and  the traditions of the Island, and find out all about the lifestyle of a Cretan shepherd by exploring an original shepherd’s hut. Enjoy the unique view of Chania from above 1350m and meet the wildlife of Crete by the help of our 4x4 Jeeps, driven by expert English speaking escorts.   DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Tour 1-Explore the White Mountains of Crete The amazing off-road adventure starts after crossing the valley full of orange trees, avocado’s and vegetables gardens. Climbing up the foot of White Mountains and passing through Cretan villages getting the feeling of mountainous Crete you arrive to the coffee stop to enjoy your morning break. Coffee or mountain tea will be offered for free to our guests enjoying the village life far away from mass tourism. Continuing our tour following the off road route up to the shepherd’s hut  “Mitato” far away from touristic areas, where only a 4 wheel driver can approach, you will enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of northern Crete and, If we are lucky ... eagles and wild goats will show up and give us a very good reason for some extra photo stops. A small rocky road will lead us up to our trip’s highest point 1350 meters in altitude in the heart of White Mountains of Crete, where you will find out all about the lifestyle of a shepherd, where the famous Cretan “Graviera” cheese was produced and explore an original Shepherd's hut "Mitato". On the way back you will enjoy the best panoramic view of Chania from above until we arrive at Therisso village and working up an appetite we visit a small traditional family Cretan tavern where we will be welcomed by the owner, to introduce us to Cretan cuisine with plenty of food, wine and warm Cretan hospitality. After the lunch break we will follow the road through the amazing gorge of Therisso that will lead us back to Chania.

Private Chef

Designed to give a unique, modern and stylish dining experience. A local chef that brings a restaurant style dining experience to your very own home or accommodation.

Sunset Safari Tour with Wine Tasting, 4- 5hours 71 EUR

LOCAL EXPERIENCE - FULL DAY. Premium Sunset Safari Tour in the Northwest side of the inland of Crete... Allow yourself to indulge in a romantic off-road route experience with the best panoramic view in a semi private tour up to 6 or 8 persons per vehicle. Our evening tour begins from Chania city centre and tourist areas, heading towards the White Mountains through uncharted mountain routes. Our premium off-road vehicles driven by well trained escorts will help you enjoy the best panoramic sunset view of Northwest Crete from above. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Sunset Safari Tour,  4 - 5 hours Unpaved off-road routes, wild and dense vegetation, non tourist places, unique panoramic views, ideal for sunset capture stops, combined with a wine tasting accompanied by Cretan delicacies platter, are only some of the experiences that you will gain in a 4-5 hour premium sunset safari tour. After our off-road exploration through orange and lemon tree valleys in villages of Patelari, Varipetro, Alikianos and Vatolakos, we reach an amazing point in the heal of Vatolakkos at 700m altitude where we will have the best panoramic view of the sunset and the possibility to admire the entire city below. After experiencing the sunset, we continue our road-trip to Cretan Villages, full of amazing sights and stories until we reach Manousakis Winery where we will taste their wine. After the tasting, we begin to reach the end of our Sunset Safari tour, driving back to our hotels full of memories, premium service and experiences, adventures and best panoramic views of Chania from above.

KNOSSOS - A Culture Trip 35 EUR

LOCAL EXPERIENCE - A Culture Trip - FULL DAY. Knossos palace is Crete’s most visited archaeological site. Discover the well know myths about the Minotaur and the Labyrinth while walking through the history of the Minoan civilisation. DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP The first excavation of the site was conducted in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos of Herakleion. This was followed by the long-term excavations 1900-1913 and 1922-1930) of the Englishman Sir Arthur Evans, who uncovered virtually the entire palace. While walking through the palace you can admire the Frescoes, pottery and the Throne room. This great civilization was destroyed at the explosion of the volcano of Santorini island. You will be picked up from your hotel or at one of the pick up points, the guide will fill you in with all the information about our trip. On the national road outside Rethmyno there will be a stop for 30 minutes to have breakfast. Upon arrival at the Palace of Knossos the professional archaeologists-guide will guide you for 2 hours. The guided tour will be in English. After the tour in Knossos you will be driven to the city center of Heraklion where you have time to visit either the archaeological museum of Heraklion or have lunch and admire the capital of Crete. You have approximately 2 hours free time. While returning there will be a 20 minute stop for a refreshment and then you will be back at Chania about 18:30 p.m   Notice! Entrance fee for Knossos Palace and Archeological museum : 16€ (children up to 12 years pay 8 euros). To be paid upon arrival. Children ticket is from 3 y/o-12y/o.

Safari Tour 2 - Explore the Secrets 89 EUR

LOCAL EXPERIENCE - ADVENTURE - FULL DAY. See the beautiful landscape of Crete and try our olive oil, see how it's produced and try our tasty wine at a winery. Learn a few Cretan secrets for a long life.  DETAILS OF YOUR TRIP Tour 2. Explore the Secrets of Wine and Olives Starting our Day trip Safari to Cretan culture we visit an Olive Mill and then a winery for an informative tour in the Cretan secrets for a long life! We visit an ancient olive tree which is 3000 years old and an exhibition on the history of olives. Working up an appetite we arrive at a small village tavern, where we introduce you to Cretan cuisine with plenty of food, wine and warm Cretan hospitality. On the way up to Mesavlia we cross the gorge of Deliana with its picturesque creek nestled amongst lush vegetation. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos of sheep and goats on our way to the cavernous chapel of Ag. Paraskevi, where we will make a short stop. On the way back we pass through Cretan villages and Olive grooves.

Karavitakis Wine Tasting - Private Trip with Add Ons

Sophisticated Karvitakis winery, surrounded by 150 acres of vineyards in Pontikiana village on the hilltops of Kolimbari area, provides a beautiful environment for a fabulous wine tasting experience. Karavitakis winery is producing wines from local and international grape varieties but also experimenting with more rare varieties from all around the world.

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